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[Freeware] [Strategy] Conquest of Elysium II


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Recently an interesting game was brought to my attention called Conquest of Elysium II. It's a medieval fantasy turn-based strategy game not unlike Master of Magic or Warlords, with rather simple graphics but rich and diverse gameplay. It was released in 1997 by a Swedish studio who would later create the Dominions game series, and had been updated numerous times since. Eventually Conquest of Elysium II (the "II" in the title denotes that this is the Windows-compatible version 2.x) was released for free and is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.


In the game, the player can choose from about twenty character (leader) classes, each with unique attributes and playing style, and sets on a quest to conquer and subjugate all opponents. The game can be played either against the AI or other players in hot-seat mode. The game world is randomly generated each time, and additional parameters can be set like society types which define what the environment will be like and what objects and neutral monsters will be present on the map.


Conquest of Elysium II Official Home Page

Conquest of Elysium II Review & Download at Shrapnel Games

Conquest of Elysium II Wikipedia article

Conquest of Elysium II TVTropes article

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Whoah, I just realized the links all got screwed up for some reason (copy-pasting the post from FED2k, most probably), fixed that :)


The game shares certain similarities with the HoMM series, like heroes/commanders that you need to move units around, but also has this nice Warlords and Master of Magic look :)

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