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*New Map - North America, USA


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posted image

--Some regions included:

*The Great Lakes

*Great Salt Lake in Utah

*Lake Okeechobee in Florida

*Colorado River

*Sacramento River

*Columbia River

*Missouri River

*Rio Grande

*Mississippi River

*Hudson River

*The Grand Canyons

*Sierra Nevada Mountains

*Rocky Mountains

*Appalachian Mountains

--Player positions situated near the following major U.S. cities:

*Los Angeles, CA

*Seattle, WA

*Denver, CO

*Houston, TX

*Kansas City, KS

*Chicago, IL

*Atlanta, GA

*New York City, NY


Edit: Image updated


[8] North America - USAjpeg.jpg


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Wow that's a lot of effort you put into this map!

So much little details - looks like done with love ?

I really like the general idea, but I think it needs some updating.

First of all I would remove the unfinished buildings (chicago + world trade center) - they destroy the look of the map IMHO.

Second - I would rethink about the necessity of having spawn points bound to big cities - IMHO iit can work for 4vs4 maybe (left vs. right), but it won't work for FFA setups.

Third - Canada/Northern USA is too clean and has no gameplay purpose...maybe put player 4 there? I would prefer eastcoast vs. westcoast tbh on this map...

Fourth - remove copcars or disable the sounds

Fifth - I was wondering if it is balanced ressourcewise?

Sixth - Are there contested areas where ppl fight for ore ? Not sure...

Seventh - Special Buildings (Einsteins Lab) look a little bit too much and/or too randomly placed...maybe they can also mark contested areas

Eight - I would love to see a little better presentation, at least a bigger image so you don't have to download the map to get an impression


I hope these critics don't overplay how much I like your map! It's awesome!



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I've gotten a lot of mixed views on this map. Some love it, and some hate it. One guy rage quit claiming this was the worst map he's ever seen  ?

The problem with this map is that the game play is bit tedious due to its size. It takes too long to walk units across the map and because of this your enemy will have seen you coming way before you get near his base. Expect long drawn out games even with Super weapons turned on. Also the cities lack proper building placement with a decent spacing between them and paved roads. The map is vastly empty and could use a bit more decoration. Maybe I'll get around to modding it soon. Yes, @cypher the resources are balanced with 40k, 4 ore posts, and 2 oil derricks per player spawn. There are no extra ore deposits farther outside player spawns.  I appreciate the criticism, and I'll take it all into account.  Thank you. I did enjoy playing this map, and I know some people will like it. It calls for a different gamestyle, and thats ok. Just dont expect a quick game on this one.


Edit: Map updated. I added more ore posts per player spawn. I removed all police cars, and I removed some special buildings. I probably should have removed the unfinished buildings, but I just left them in for now. I'll probably remove them later on. Yes there is a lot more i need to mod on this map.

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Well I don't really like maps with ressources only on the starting point (supports turtle play)....but it CAN work, especially on such a big map with 8 players. So you can "occupy" the ressources of another player.

The "problem" you talked about, naming the map is too big, is a plus point IMHO. It forces players to build expansions or to move their bases - i like this. I also have this kind of gameplay in the lategame of my eurasia map and most ppl love it. (there are always some haters, who lose and say it's the worst map...don't mind them).


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