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Ladder have been very active this month, and the maps are all decent, of course  there is a few crappy maps, but good thing you can reject up to 15 maps. Ive played them and think the VET mode on the maps is great.

You get faster star units, which makes the game more fun, and it also balances nod, making GDI less OP. 

Some people dislike them and there will always be a small handful of them, but compared to the old ladder maps, this is much better.

No need to change anything, you can reject enough maps, and the different maps require different play styles. 

I know some players just prefer 1 map terrace, and are one map wonders, who cant play other maps or adapt to different maps & styles, but that just tell me you clearly are less skilled and should work on your game play and learn to adapt. 

That said, people who dislike vet, have not come up with one valid argument or reason. The fact is, all games gets fixed and updated, and so would TS overtime if westwood was alive.

I am looking forward for more new maps to be played.



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