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  1. Why has the server gone so slow and keep dcing players ? It takes me 6mins to get online? then it crashes when i got full game wating to go?
  2. Weaponx

    Ladder maps

    Ladder have been very active this month, and the maps are all decent, of course there is a few crappy maps, but good thing you can reject up to 15 maps. Ive played them and think the VET mode on the maps is great. You get faster star units, which makes the game more fun, and it also balances nod, making GDI less OP. Some people dislike them and there will always be a small handful of them, but compared to the old ladder maps, this is much better. No need to change anything, you can reject enough maps, and the different maps require different play styles. I know some players just prefer 1 map terrace, and are one map wonders, who cant play other maps or adapt to different maps & styles, but that just tell me you clearly are less skilled and should work on your game play and learn to adapt. That said, people who dislike vet, have not come up with one valid argument or reason. The fact is, all games gets fixed and updated, and so would TS overtime if westwood was alive. I am looking forward for more new maps to be played.
  3. Mod maps should be lost forever and destroyed.
  4. Weaponx

    harv bombs

    No it doesnt effect the other player even you take it from their patch, which no ones does anyway. 1) its easier to see the harv and kill it asap. 2) They havent expand yet so it doesnt effect their econ. Sending a harv bomb does not effect enemty player econ at al.
  5. sounds good, but i think the prize will go to corpsmakr, he is a ladder addict
  6. Weaponx

    harv bombs

    Keep an eye on your war and force fire units when they come out? Thats what i do, and there is another technique where even if it blows it leaves 1 bar on war The time it takes to fill and drive to enemy cost you 3400 (in this time the enemy harv have collected 2000), so if they lose a war or ref for 2000, you are still set back. But good players can avoid blowing it, or making a spare and selling the old one while killing the harv, even blow it before it reaches you. Mostly players who have 3-4 rpgs titans and units and lack control lose refs / buildings to harv bombs, also bad placement. So if you want to bunk hard, deal with the consequence of a harv bomb. I really thinks its funny that players who harv hunt 30min each game, cant deal with a single harv bomb. Its hilarious.
  7. I try to use art in late game, early game its just not worth it. Its will cost me offensive gameplay to make arts early. Unlike gdi titans which are the best defensive and offensive unit in-game, art is stuck at being defensive only. That said arts might be strong if you rush with titans alone, but if you mix in some inf, arts often tend to be less useful. You cant really target titans without wasting to much time, and if you misclick the wlll undelploy and then youll have a problem. Another thing 1 bomber run kills art, they are very weak on defence. It is a useful unit in longer games, but nothing i would start mass producing due to limitations of the unit, price, armor, and you rely on auto targeting 90% of the time with this unit. And for the record i do have long games, but most players tend to die before it goes "long". Check some youtube games vs tiger 1v1 where its 40mins +, the other day i had a 2hour game with him.
  8. Weaponx

    harv bombs

    I use them tactical, mostly to distract, while i combine it with attacks. Mostly they dont get anything but kill inf If you notice people who bunk hard are the ones i send it to 9/10 times. But its same as end game where a k.oed player sends harv bombs, trying to get a "wash" or often gets a wash like this. Cant stop using my “trademark” or signature move ! Haha *Oh and cheap is people who cry about harv bombs and then as gdi goes 1 ref apc engs on a smaller map.
  9. Weaponx

    harv bombs

    Since when do you speak for 99% ? I just find it assuming no one can really bring a valid reason to the table. But its fine, and its definitely not cheap, its quiet an expensive attack.
  10. Weaponx

    harv bombs

    You clearly dont want to understand the point of the topic, and you have no valid points. Ive proven 1) harv bomb can be stopped anytime even from 1st ref, 2) it actually cost alot and effect the players econ. So that you do not want to understand this, is not my problem. I am not arguing with anyone, i just lined out the flaws in the "harv bombs cant be stopped" logic. It comes down to scouting and sending units out to stop a harv bomb, controlling your defense and units, and building placement. That said, harv bomb is still a valid tactic and will remain a part of the game.
  11. Weaponx

    harv bombs

    I just played tiger to test out a fast harv bomb bo terrace*. 1 Ref collect blue tib asap, and send. He managed to kill it with inf and 1 RPG and it didnt do anything except put me behind? Perhaps you should get some tips on scouting and anti harv bomb from him? lol. So "its not possible" is a bunch of crap, and he did basic 3-4 ref inf + 1 rpg.
  12. Sure if you put up the price on titans, which is OP since its a defence and offensive unit. Honestly the best unit IG, with the ability to Q. (It cant be compaired to ticks, since you need to waste time to deploy them before they even can be considering usefull, and people just macro around it).
  13. Weaponx

    harv bombs

    You all Sound like a brunch of newbs. if a person sends a harv bomb early don’t kill it? Let it drive in and turn offline your RPGs and bunk defence, control your inf? the fact is who ever sends it early will be behind econ wise, and what is early ? if I can manage it you can to, but the majority went to bunk so in my eyes you are asking for it. by the time I send subs often it’s 4 ref war rader tech and a harv bomb, that is not early at all. like I said my econ is down while you have been getting cash and making def, 1 harv bomb is equal 4x titans. its a tactic and part of the game, I find the hypocrisy funny that it’s “ok” as long as it is end the endgame, which leads to a wash or so, but early it is not because people can’t defend it. I send harv bombs and even if its a success I’m often behind, people just have to learn to force fire units to avoid blowing it up, skilled people like humble can make harv bomb avoid blowing up a war factory, maybe you not in that level ? as for blowing more then one building, why build so close to each other it blows up 2? You asking for it. end of the day it’s a part of the game and a viable strategy, yeah people use it on me to and sometime it k.o my shit, that’s just the game.
  14. Weaponx

    harv bombs

    I don't understand why people whine about harv bombs, its a tactic and its viable. Further more its expensive for a single harv bomb attack. Terrace example: Harv cost you 1400,- the time to collect blue tib and send it to enemy, you lose roughly 2000.- it could have collected (green tib). So sending a harv bomb really cost you around 3400,- and its easy to fail with it. Kill it with units before it reaches, or hijack it. That said control your units and defenses so it doesn't blow, it aint that hard?
  15. Im so tired of losing banshee & planes due to map bugs. Can we make a fix so the plane just spawns next to the pad? Its a gamechanger when you lose 1500 for a banshee, and often when you notice you have lost 6-7 planes, because it bugs. Other day, one of my banshee got stuck midair on BM terrace map, i did not notice, and it was suppose to home and charge, so it occupied the pad, I thought i had a free pad to avoid losing banshees, but it wasn't free the plane just didn't return, making it look like it was free, when i noticed the 7 holes in un scouted area, so i lost 7 banshee.
  16. Yep nice updates! now Some one login and give me a challenge on rankings. -_-
  17. How i make multiply choice? Yeah 2 choices would be cool.
  18. they not active enough i think, and would really get crushed in 2v2s. They can be under Other,. Red and sky should be on maybe. added them anyway
  19. I forgot him added him now
  20. Name player of the year in 2v2s, best assists, attacks, teamwork, defends.
  21. It crashed by having my login as rank 1 so many months in row 😉😎
  22. Well said trz, good points! And its true we all have off days, where we can play so bad, it happens. Steel is a top contender, so is Rich, their game-play has improved a lot over the years. As for you being mid-range i disagree i think your a top player as well. One factor is 1v1 and 2v2, some players are much better at 1v1, while others are made for 2v2. While a select few are great a both.
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