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Adding Music to RA-1?

Commander Manuel

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Yes, I'm testing out the full modding potential of Red Alert, today, and I need to know if I can add music to Red Alert, and if so, how? I got some eurobeat tracks I've been dying to experiment on the battlefield.


One such track is:

Odyssey Eurobeat - Discord (EuroChaos Mix): Super Ponybeat — Discord (EuroChaos Mix)


I got the MP3, now I need to know how convert it into AUD format, and inject it into the proper MIX file.


All help is appreciated.

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You need to convert the MP3 to AVI or WAV than use XCC Mixer to make it a AUD.


You can not add any more tracks that than game has so you will need to replace one. The stock music is found in the Main.mix on the CD in scores.mix. XCC Mixer or XCC AV Player can be use to play the music in the scores.mix. Once you find the track you no longer want copy the file name and name you newly converted MP3 with that file name. Pack you new newly converted MP3 in to a mix file that starts with SC*****.mix (* is for any numbers or letters you want.) You can name the mix file SC-MUS.mix place the SC-MUS.mix in to the Red Alert folder.


The name on the in game play list will be the same unless you edit the conquer.eng file with a Ingame Strings Editor.


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Discooooord, I'm howling at the moon, and sleeping through the middle of a summer afternoon!! :D




Anyway... to convert MP3 to AUD you need to go through 2 steps. One is to convert it to mono WAV, the second to convert the WAV to AUD.



To convert MP3 to WAV with the right settings, I generally use RAD Video Tools:


(This pic was originally made for the audio needed for making C&C videos, but the same applies for the WAV needed for getting AUD format)



This is the basic method of converting anything to another type in XCC. Do that with the WAV file, to AUD, and it'll be dumped wherever the second file browser is set.


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