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Helitrans General Bug


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Hi people


Do you know this bug, when you enabled the General in the rules.ini and you play and then you put the General in a Helitrans, then the Helitrans automatically flys away till over the border of map, if you dont stop him??

Do you know how to fix that? That would really help because its stupid always have to stop the helitrans when the general goes in.


thx in advance

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Hmm, I can't remember anything called "General" in the rules.ini but this seems like that you haven't given the General a weapon so the gsme thinks he is a civilian so the helicopter transports him out of the map.


P.S it is a long time since I have modded RA1.


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The General is called field marshal [GNRL] in the rules.ini and he has a weapon, this is probably not the problem.

In some Missions with the Field marshal and with helitrans you have to get the field marshal in the helitrans and he fly him out of the map because its the target of the mission. I think it has somethig to do with this.

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