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FMV's in the Covert operations.


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So I reinstalled all the old c&c games via Origin over the last month and today I was playing the Covert Operations missions.

Upon victory I  was met with the usual  animation at the end, or so I thought.

It was  a NOD  base  ( complete with Tiberian sun laser fencing) supposedly active then going under low power- as  was the case with the mission.

Thing is I do not remember this cut scene from the original game, nor in the Covert operations, as I always thought the Cov ops  scenes were repeats from the original game.

I also cant think of a mission in the original game that the scene would be pertinent to.

Have any new scenes been added to the origin release  of the ultimate collection like with the Red Alert update whereby the cutscenes from the ps1 version were added to  CS  and AM?

Unless I just completely missed that one in the 25 years !


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The Covert Ops indeed contain a bunch of unique cutscenes:

  • banr_nod.vqa
  • blackout.vqa
  • bodybags.vqa
  • inferno.vqa
  • iontest.vqa
  • refinery.vqa

Most of these are already seen in some way; banr_nod.vqa is already in the game as banner.vqa, but this time it shows a Nod APC and banner, rather than a GDI one, and bodybags.vqa, inferno.vqa and iontest.vqa are fragments from campaign briefing videos. However, blackout.vqa and refinery.vqa are completely unique, though the tiberium toxicity animation of refinery.vqa was previously used in GDI briefing 8B (defend Moebius and his research hospital).

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