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Funny statements from top players.


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We play vet. terrace and i cant stop laughing at some of the statements made, which are not true at all. And these statements are coming from top tier players.

* Eng runs faster on vet.

* Harvs collects faster tib.

* regular cyborg has a lot more damage

*CC has more damage and hp.

*EMP charges faster

*Nod inf are stronger.

*Ticktank have longer range, and damsge

*Art does more damage

*Oblisk have longer range, and more damage.


None of the statements above are true, so stop crying about it and making up stories,.


Any other wild missleading statements i forgot?


Read the VET notes, it aint hard.

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Hahaha, if they cry, it only shows, that they really get their BUD KICKED! :D

Nod inf stronger? Who came up with that? Lol. Maybe someone should make videos "testing units on vet maps" to prove the crazyness.

18 minutes ago, Weaponx said:

Regular Cyborg has more damage.

You mean Arnolds, and dont call them "regular", they are special persons :P XD. And yes, they are stronger on vet maps, but its only fair, because they should make toast out of inf - and they do!

19 minutes ago, Weaponx said:

Oblisk have longer range, and more damage.

Looooooool. As they need more damage! They are only stronger against air craft, and thats fair. I guess some guys dont like them, when they dissrush...

19 minutes ago, Weaponx said:

Harvs collects faster tib.

Haha, they try to spin it as it would be a Giants Mod? Lol. They arent! I mean, come on, you cant make that up!

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*regular cyborgs has minor  damage (+3), just +1 range.

*obelisk doesn't have more range or damage, just shots a tiny bit faster, which is fair considering you need a tech to make them and you need alot of power to make them run.

Vet really does just balance nod a bit, with minor upgrades.

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