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Covert Ops Demo?


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I've seen mentions of a Covert Ops demo having been published on various gaming magazine cover CDs, for example here:

List of demos for each PC Gamer disc I have:


2.6 (July 1996)


The Pandora Directive

Zork Nemesis


Philip Marlowe Private Eye

Super Stardust '96

Total Pinball 3D

MicroMachines 2

Third Reich

Total Mayhem

Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations


On the other hand, there's a small downloadable file called COVTDEMO.ZIP (you can get it here among other places), which seems to be official but is somehow missing from Westwood FTP. It contains a small version of the add-on MIX with two Nod missions and two multiplayer maps, and requires C&C v1.22 to play. I'm just wondering, is it the same thing, or had there been a stand-alone, CD-exclusive demo of the add-on too?

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