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New RA2 Missions


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Many years ago I wrote one or two missions - (ok 23),  with the FA2 editor, and with the help and support of many wiser heads they were available to download online, hell some even made to the cover disc of a magazine. So do you think anyone would be interested in a couple of 'New', Concolor1 missions?

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So is like that? .. You are the maker of the most loved missions that I ever played, and now you are gonna make some more? ?

Yes please...more mission maps please .

And, allow me to salute you.  I`m one of your fans since early 2000. ?

Great to see you around. 


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Yes its just like that. There is another new mission ready to go once I've written the text file and edited a mini-map. Ive also cleaned up the very first mission I made, Signed & Sealed, so its less insane. If enough people download and enjoy them then I'll write more.

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Of course, I personally would love to see your new missions. Especially I am fond of your missions which have striking stories; such as Fierce Intent, Dominance of Mind, End of an Era, or Weathering The Storm from Red Alert 2.

For instance; a scenario of Transylvania, such as the last soviet mission of the official campaign, where you are fighting against Soviets and their psicorps, and suddenly Yuri appearing from nowhere; would be a very mysterious idea. Of course the map is to be with fascinating visual and sound effects, resembling the mystic Transylvania atmosphere, as I have no doubt you would do the best.  :)

Or another idea may be; allies-soviets-yuri each of them declaring war against each other at the same time and battlefield(africa or antarctica both would be very cool), and allies-soviets-yuri owning very strong main bases already pre-built such as 'eagle nests', while Yuri constantly landing units from his space base periodically as well (he may own a very well protected control station for this action at his base) ; encountering us with brutal land-sea-air and superweapon battles.

Lastly, if only all these maps would be even a far harder than your Fierce Intent or Nuclear Winter missions, but without any time limit to complete them.  :D

Alright, enough talked, keep up your good work.  :)

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