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Tiberian Dawn - My First Singleplayer map


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Hi all ,


This is my first Singleplayer map hope u guys like it its nothing special in it but for me it was long work to make it , to understand how to make my own map with ccmap.

I dont search for bugs or issues so play the map have fun  and post if u find any issues good luck. :roll: :roll:


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Hi Micha,


1 - You might want to correct "Tibirium".

2 - Remember that when you create defensive islands  for SAMs and GUNs, after they get destroyed by ORCAS, the survivor minigunner will get stuck inside and the BASE section won't be able to rebuild. Get rid of most of them and use Stealth tanks. Use a time trigger with create team set to replace, so whenever they get destroyed they are replaced;

3 - There's no point in using crates if you don't have to scout or run any risk to get them;

4 - Hand of Nod in bad place against infiltration;

5 - Since you're using AUTOCREATE function, make more teamtypes. Much more;

6 - Attack intervals are too long. Make the average around 20 and test it;

7 - You might prefer this order for BASE section - SAM, OBLIs and then GUNs;

8 - Too many Tiberium for GDI so nobody will hurry up to attack the Nod base. Cut in half of it;

9 - Create at least 3 waypoints to infiltrate the area where the GDI base will be stablished;

10 - Nod need another refinery and more initial credits. Set it to $200(00) and put GDI to $35(00) +/-;

11 - Aesthethics: Use RIDGE to create a border around the map;

12 - Learn to love Chinooks.


5 and 6 will make your mission much better, but I think it's ok for a first mission.

Experienced players will dislike the way it is now.


I hope more maps will be coming from you after this one, but you really should upgrade it ...

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Oh, this is important.


I was taking a look at your INI. Your command attack base is set to 0.

This is a real issue you should correct. Your units will move and stop instead of attack.

Set it to 99.  Study which teamtype could be "Attack Base:99" and which could be Attack Units:99. Try to make it a coordinated attack also.



Forgot to mention: this number is the amount of time units they will stay attacking the opponent, so if it is ZERO it's not good.

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That means when it is set to  ( 0 ) and they start the attack  and i I interrupt the attack with a minigunner for example after that attack they do nothing more. And when it is set to ( 99 ) they continue the attack ?

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When is set to 0, in  my computer here, they stop.


When you put 99 they will spend this time attacking or after the object attacked is destroyed and there's no one in range they will be set to GUARD.


The "obedience" is dependent also in a number in the middle of the teamtype line set to 15.

Sometimes we call it the AI PARAMETER.


You will find it set to 7 for create team and 15 for reinforcements, most commonly but not exclusive.


Pss, I confused myself, read this thread here a better source on this matter.


In some missions you will find it set to 20. In this case, if it's a patrol, if they are moving and you attack they will stay moving and receiving fire without reacting (not cool). So in case of a patrol, if you use the parameter in 20 you have to create some middle stops with guard commands, in case they get attacked.


But this AI parameter issue is not certain. I and other mapmakers of the community believe it works this way and it makes some sense, but not always. It's more a belief than a "rule".




IN the first post, the item 11 I was refering to the North Eastern border, not the whole map ...

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I thought overall it was pretty good for a 1st map.  A little simple, but hey, it's your 1st map.  My only complaints were aesthetic, like the turrets in the tiberium field surrounded by squares of rocks looked a little unnatural, but that's just me.  Look forward to the next one!

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