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How to play online with modded rules.ini files?


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I've been messing around with the rulesmd.ini file, and have come up with a fairly fun variant to the gameplay. I was wondering: is there any way that I could implement this into the CnCNet client, so that I could try out the new rules with a friend?

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4 hours ago, McPwny said:

you can inject any rules.ini flags into specific modified map files and play them over cncnet that way.

Is there a tutorial for this somewhere? I kinda was able to brute force my way to understanding the rules file, but I have no idea how to do that part ?

Nvm, I figured it out. For anyone else that finds this thread and is new to "modding" or rules edits, you just copy in the rules.ini file text directly into the .map file. Using Notepad works just fine for the edits.

It may not be the perfectly correct way to do it, but it works (and for a quick fun mode to play with friends, that's good enough for me).

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figured out question myself, leaving my solution for future readers
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