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Mission Map : Prisoner of Conscience (Yuri mission, Yuri's Revenge)


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Mission map for anyone running Red Alert2 , you will need the Yuris Revenge mission Disc. The Zip holds the all01umd.map file and the ra2.csf string file. Place these two files in the Westwood Red Alert2 folder. Then launch the game and select the Allied Mission. There is also a read me file and mini map included in the zip.

Once your finished playing this mission simply remove both these files and the Red Alert Game will be restored.

Name: Prisoner of Conscience.
Size: 80x70
Players: 1
Theater: Desert

To play this mission:Extract the contents of the winzip file into your 
Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Allies.
The game will then launch.
In this mission you will be commanding the forces of Yuri's army.

Info: Following the unforseen defeat and imprisonment of our great leader Yuri. The Allies and Soviets 
set about constructing a suitable place for his confinement. They soon realised that simply killing him
would only serve to re-fire his followers passions, an event which could overthrow the recent alliance 
between the great world powers. So the Soviets and Allies came-up with the solution of pooling their 
combined resources and created the "stasis field". They incorporated the new found technology into the
newly constructed prison situated deep in the Egyptian desert far away from civilisation.
The prison fortification itself is was heavily guarded with superior firepower, and the combined forces of 
both the Soviet and Allied powers took residence there for security.
Much of the prison was guarded by forces resistant to mind control adding to the bases invulnerability!

Trapped deep within the walls of the prison is our master Yuri, imprisoned within the stasis field, aware but 
unable to influence the outside world, caught in time, between moments, he is literally a fly in amber
longing for release!
We have discovered the exact location of Yuri's confinement and have dispatched an MCV to assist you in 
bringing about Yuri's escape!
Your mission, break into the prison find and destroy the stasis field generator housed in a bunker close
to Yuris cell. Release Yuri and ensure his safe escape from his place of incarceration,force a clear path
so nothing distracts him. Let nothing stop you!

Objective1......Break into the fortress where Yuri is held captive,
                       Locate the Stasis powerhouse and destroy it.
Objective2......Free Yuri from his prison and escort him from the battleground
                       Keep Yuri Alive.

Ok so there u have it,this is my First single player mission for Yuris Revenge.
A YR.CFS file (RA2md.csf) has been added.If you wish to install this please back-up your
original CFS file as the text of the mission has been altered in 
order to fit with the maps theme!

The First Yuri's Revenge Mission I made back in 2001. A little basic, and alot could be done to improve this, still good fun.

Known bugs, should anything get in the way of the released Yuri Prime, it will stop his escape as he will mind control the Unit. This pulls him from his script and the timer will expire for him to leave the map. So ensure so stray units are left on the map before you release Yuri.








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