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(C&C1) A trigger to make the Computer Enemy build units from base?

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My map is too easy, and I want the Enemy AI to mass produce Units and Infantry continuously, and try to rampart my foothold. Not so much that it makes the scenario impossible, but enough to make it so you have to think quick on your feet.


Are there triggers for that? I know "production" only makes them repair structures, but how do you get the AI to continuously produce units from the Factory, or grunts from the barracks, and start searching for my base and attack it upon discovery of base?


I'm talking about making the foe formidable to the extent that it can hit back and strike first!


Triggers like:

If one Nod minigunner is destroyed, their barracks begin reproducing more with aggressive behavior. (Can apply to other infantry, but might require the AI to produce a quota for type A before producing type B, and it can't produce type C before produce a set # of Type B. Same for Type D, Type E, and so on. Same rule for Vehicular Units.)

The Enemy AI will begin building advanced structures, after a certain condition is reached. (Conditions Like AI has enough Ti-bucks for this building so it builds it in a certain location near the Conyard.)


If this is a bit confusing, I'll try to explain more upon request.

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Production does a lot more than just make the AI repair structures. It also starts unit production and base rebuilding (from the [base] list).


There is no way to make the AI produce a specific building at a specific time. The only way to make it build more structures is by adding buildings to the rebuilding list (the aforementioned [base] section) without putting them on the actual map. And as I said, Production will make sure it builds that as soon as possible.


By the way, I'm not sure what you mean with "advanced structures", but the C&C1 AI ignores all prerequisites. It can build Rocket Launchers, Mammoth Tanks, MCVs and Commandos without owning anything more than barracks and a weapons factory. In fact, it can even build units from both sides.


As for generally mass producing units and infantry continuously, you can do that with teamtypes. The 'Create Team' trigger makes a team from units on the map, but teamtypes contain specific options that force the AI to actually build a team, regardless of them ever being called with a Create Team trigger. I guess what you're looking for is Autocreate though, but, again, you need to actually set up teams in the TeamTypes section on which the Autocreate option is activated for that to work.

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