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CnCNet 4.0 released!


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Out now!


New features since 3.2:

* Full peer-to-peer support is back

* Tunneled ("3.2") mode is the fallback if fast p2p is not available

* Automatic p2p test on first launch

* Automatic server connection test before launching a game

* Client (cncnet.exe) code was completely reconstructed which helps adding new features

* Updater has a progress bar!



* Direct ip connection (if someone really needs this, drop me a line)

* US server in favor of p2p mode and money savings


Additionally the server is now on the same server as the site, so tunneled mode might be little bit slower than it was before (still in UK though). Use p2p if at all possible.


All 3.2 clients should automagically update to 4.0.


The MOTD bot is currently offline and needs some tweaking for 4.0, everything else works normally.

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I think many people really need "Direct ip connection" feature. Please re add this feature.



I'll look into adding this back again someway. Thanks for the feedback.


Where should we report bugs? Is here fine?


Because CnCNet4 ignores the Timeout setting in the ini. Back at CnCNet3, I could set it to 0 after I set it up but I can't disable the countdown in 4 in this same way.


Congratz upon release tho.


It wasn't actually supposed to ignore the timeout setting, I even made the configuration option but forgot to actually use it. I will update the client during next week to honor the timeout. Thanks for the report.

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