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Mission Map : Nuclear Winter, (Soviet Mission, Yuri's Revenge)


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Mission map for anyone running Red Alert2 , you will need the Yuri's Revenge mission Disc. The Zip holds the Sov01umd.map file and the ra2md.csf string file. Place these two files in the Westwood Red Alert2 folder. Then launch the game and select the Soviet Mission. There is also a read me file and mini map included in the zip.

Once your finished playing this mission simply remove both these files and the Red Alert Game will be restored.

Originally Exclusive to Cannis.net this site now appears closed so Ive decided to make the mission available once again.

Name: Nuclear Winter
Address: [email protected]
Players: 1
Theatre: Snow

To play this mission:Yuris Revenge mission disc required. Extract the contents of the winzip
file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Soviets.
The game will then launch.

Info: Contact with one of our secret nuclear launch sites has been lost. It has now been confirmed that the site has been
seized and is under the control of Yuri's forces. There is worse news to follow, for control of the nuclear missiles stored
at the site has been disabled. 
Intercepted transmissions confirm that Yuri's forces have control of these weapons and have targeted our own motherland with them.
Whilst various strategies were considered, a nuclear strike of our own at the site is not an option. This is due to the fact that 
the nuclear missiles could be launched before ours hit the site.
It has therefore been decided that a small task-force of elite conscripts will be covertly dropped at the site. On landing they are to 
re-establish communications and construct a base close to the missile site. They will then attempt to recapture and dismantle the 
missiles before they can be launched. 
This is truely a race against time comrade, one which we cannot afford to lose. Get your conscripts to the radar and re-establish contact
we will then send in reinforcements. Stop those missiles from being launched!

 Objective 1: Locate and restore Radar in the area.
 Objective 2: Capture and dismantle all five nuclear missiles.
 Objective 3: Destroy Yuri's base.


Hints: I'll be honest I found this mega hard. Maybe it was bad luck or maybe I've lost the knack. I used combinations of Boris and Kirov's, mixed with capturing buildings and moving my war factories closer. Then I rushed in with Engineers in Flak Trucks to capture the Nuclear missile sites in the last seconds. As one Nuke is captured the next one begins its countdown,  I saved the game a lot.

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                            17> Day of the Desolators. (Allied RA2)
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                            21> End of an Era, pt1 & pt2 (Yuri YR)
                            22> Moon Madness (TX Expansion)
                            23> Siege (TX Expansion)    (Allied YR)
                            24> Wipe Out!              (Allied RA2)
                            25> Foothold               (Soviet RA2)
                            26> Viral Agent            (Yuri   YR)


A RA2md.CFS file has been added. This will overwrite any other RA2mdCSF.file which you may of installed in your 
RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions.The file contains text which been altered in order to fit 
with the maps theme!
Explanation: The Sov01umd.map file when placed in your RA2 folder preceeds the standard Yuris Revenge game disc missions.
This means that the first mission played when the game is launched will be this mission. To restore your games
original first mission simply remove the Sov01umd.map file from your RA2 folder.
The RA2md.csf file contains the text for this mission, it also preceeds your game disc csf file. As above once you have
finished playing this mission remove the RA2mdcsf.file. This also causes your game to revert to reading from the mission 
disc as opposed to reading data from the RA2 folder.

Various slight moddifications have been added, all to keep in with this missions theme. The moddifications will not alter your 
original RA2 game.

SCRN0017 (1).jpg








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