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Red Alert 2 CD on Windows 10


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I recently bought a mint condition copy of RA2 and cannot play it on my Windows 10 64bit PC. I've tried to install it, but nothing happens once I pop the Allies CD in. I've tried to install the CNCnet fix but once I've selected the right folder to install it to, I get:

"Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge not found in C:\Users\Charan\Documents\Red Alert 2
Please select the right folder...
Note: You need to have the right game installed, Red Alert 2 is not freeware and therefore not included in this installer!"

When I've tried to run the game off the CD directory and it actually does launch, when I select "play new campaign" and I select to play as Allies, I get a message saying "unable to read scenario!"

I'm pretty much resigned to accepting that this game just won't work on Windows 10. 


RA2 screens.png

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There is not any good option to install from CD on Windows 10 since the safedisc driver that's needed has been removed from Windows 10.

You can buy the ultimate collection from the EA Origin store or you can try to get the game for free through origin by using these instructions: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Origin-Access-Subscription/How-to-add-old-games-to-Origin/td-p/6781767#:~:text=Redeem your Product Code on,to click Redeem Product Code…


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