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Final Alert 2: Broken trigger "entered or overflown by"


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Good evening dear people from cncnet,

I'm currently working on an arena map for YR, which has a unit selection area on the outside and the main battlefield in the center. Since people are also able to spawn air units I would need some sort of exploit protection for the selection area, so that people don't fly into these to activate all spawn triggers or to block their enemy's unit selection.  The border currently looks like this:


To protect the selection area I've planned to implement something better than just neutral AA that shoots down any air unit this time, so I've experimented with triggers. The triggers should then set locals to destroy the airforce of the player that just entered the cell (or ideally just a certain team).

There is a trigger-event in Final Alert 2, which works with that: Number 59 "entered or overflown by". The problem I'm currently facing is: This trigger doesn't work with certain players, only with "-1", which means everyone. So if I set "Player A" as the variable for this event it doesn't activate the trigger.

Is the trigger itself broken and does anyone in here has an idea on how to fix that? Any other ideas on how I can acchieve a good protection?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
Best regards, DoctorEvil. 


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the trigger isnt broken, but there are a bunch of triggers that only work with pre-existing houses which means they mostly just work in campaign maps. the -1 as the house number is kind of a hack.

you could just create some invisible neutral buildings with a modded anti air gun that instantly yeet any aircraft that come near. something with an invisible projectile and a cellspread warhead would work nice. 
too bad the firestorm generator doesnt work in ra2

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