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Small Infantries


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I just downloaded it. The inf are larger than the Allied jeep. If your are smaller than that. You some how added files from some other Red Alert.

Let see. I didn't add any files from other Red Alert. The only thing I added is the missing soundtracks from RA1 and those missions I downloaded from you and Red Dawn as well.

Only my 3.03 patch gives small infantry, and it's an installer option that can be disabled.

Could you give me the link for that?
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Red Dawn use small like Tib Dawn did. Are your guys small as Red Dawns? I'm attaching a pic of what your inf should look like in RA1.


Also do not put Red Dawn in the same folder as Red Alert or Red Alert in the same folder as Red Dawn.


Nyerguds3.03 patch patch is old now. All the fixes made into were done in the redalert1.com RA. Using it with the RA from redalert1.com would mess things up badly if you could get it installed.


I use Nyerguds install progam to build the one used for Red Dawn. Also did I get your Red Dawn CS mission working?



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Hmm. it appears that my infantries are as small as elves and the CS missions seemed to work at Red Dawn. Now I know what makes it crash it is because I adjust the game controls unlike in AM Red Dawn, they don't crash at all.  :(


Additional info: the main missions for the game as well crashes when I reach the third mission (Both GDI and Nod). There's a notification where will the game crash, at the second mission for both teams, the BGM will create an eerie soundwave. And when I'm already at the third mission, I encounter this problem.


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Your infs are small than in the pic I posted in your Red Alert? Take a pic of them if you could. You should be able to hit the Print Screen key and paste it in any paint program with redalert1.com RA.


As for Red Dawn. It sounds like it is the same bug you had with Red Dawn CS mission. I'll do what I did for you with the CS mission and give you all of missions in .INI fourm.


Download All Red Dawn Missions.zip below and copy or all the files into the Red Dawn folder C:\WESTWOOD\RedDawn. If it says this file is there. Replace it.


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Thank redalert1.com


redalert1.com use to offer a expansions add on that would give you CS and AF but the quit offering it but I have it as back up. I gave you that exe. I changed the icon out to the C&C95 that Red Dawn uses. All the hard work was done by the redalert1.com team.

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