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Can the tiberium be made "safe" so we can use soldiers on tiberium maps?


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Is it possible to have that as an extra click box option? A small change in the rules. 

Tiberium oriented maps are the go to maps, however I feel this puts GDI players like myself at a disadvantage, also you just cant play the game properly, it wasn't designed for an ocean of tiberium, but what can you do, everyone loves it that way. I noticed Red Alert soon changed this with ore fields that don't damage soldiers, is it possible to do something similar on tiberium dawn? It might open up new mapping opportunities in addition. 

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On 9/29/2020 at 1:41 AM, ore_truck said:

That would make chem warriors less unique. There is no cure for tiberium.

Red Alert changed to ore because Tiberium hasn't arrived on Earth yet and the game didn't wanna include any alien stuffs yet at the time.

In response I would say I've never seen a chem warrior used ever in a game, period. But these whole field of tiberium maps are  constantly used.  But I'm not overly sure about this idea either, maybe the less the game changes the better.  

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