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  1. Don't change the graphics (I don't want Red Alert (1) to look like Red Alert 2 graphics). Just keep it simple. That's the most sacred thing I want left untouched. As for giving suggestions: windows compatibility, bug fixes, AI pathfinding and online competitiveness is probably the first thing that comes to everyone's mind. I would like some new official maps, missions (separated from the main campaign like covert ops, counterstrike and aftermath) and the return of the Technician units in the later C&C game remakes. Hopefully Renegade and older C&C games (Sole Survivor included) gets a remake first. It's good to see so many new accounts having their first post in this remake topic. Just shows it can really attract new players.
  2. I would like to see a remastered version of Sole Survivor. Keep the game the way it is, but make it compatible with newer windows and we can play online straight from the game's main menu without needing a 3rd party program to run it.
  3. Support the classics. Dont change anything other than bug fix, AI pathfinding and making the game compatible with newer windows. Make it sound more like a patch than a remaster, because the original games are good enough on its own right now and I have no issues or need for a remake. The only thing that makes it unplayable is the out of sync errors that sometimes happen in Tiberian Dawn. And most importantly, don't touch/fix anything that's not broken, or you'll end up breaking it.
  4. ore_truck

    Freeroll bet for heldro / Edd / Showtime / Prep

    I disagree, I've seen his gameplays and yours.
  5. ore_truck

    Sad news.

    I'm a bit late, just saw this. I played with BLuysy. He is a great player, he made so many maps, organized tournaments, used to play him while I was active in C&C95. Just about 2 weeks ago I thought I saw him host another Blu ribbon tournament. I wish I joined that and talked to him one last time.
  6. ore_truck

    Rant About Both Sides Predisposition..

    Exactly my point
  7. ore_truck

    Rant About Both Sides Predisposition..

    This game isn't rock-paper-scissors. That would be C&C4. It's more like chess, a pawn can take on a queen and checkmate the king. And we could all agree Yuri is the superior one.
  8. ore_truck

    Can we have new colors please

    Black can be a problem in the radar and superweapon/power offline timer because of the black timer background. And chat too. White is for neutral units if playing on maps with pre-placed neutral/civilian units. Teal are really confusing with sky blue and green (e.g. in Operation Mirage, the three border outposts (teal) look almost the same as Einstein's base (green)), Magenta - It is confusing with standard purple. Brown - can be confusing with Orange at night.
  9. ore_truck

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    Forget every tactic you used in campaign and skirmish.
  10. Or maybe the update is fine but there's an increase in cheaters.
  11. ore_truck

    Destroy Battle Fortress + Guardian GIs?

    You should have no problem beating a BF with tanks if it's alone. Remember to just keep telling your tanks to be on the move constantly. A BF fully loaded with G. GIs is expensive. If they are using it alongside other units like mirage tanks, it should cost them a lot of money, so you should be having a lot of money too to spend on tanks. The best course of action is to hit their economy so they can't just build that BF. If it is 1v1, take advantage of rhino tanks early in the game. If you let the allies build without interference, they will be powerful later in the game. If it's team alliance and long game, the enemy may build BFs, since you can't hit all of your opponents, unless you have competent allies. If your allies fail to stop his closest opponent's battle fortresses, this is more of a teammate issue. Usually team games are long games, so you should be able to get that Iron Curtain. If SW is off, then pray your ally destroys those BF for you. Like people say: when the going gets tough, ask someone else to do it for you. Also, this lasserbeak guy needs a real match with someone before giving the wrong advice.
  12. ore_truck

    Soviet VS Yuri

    Rhino rush and desolators are powerful.
  13. ore_truck

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    Only new players host with more than $10000 starting money, because I think they are trying to get into like a sandbox mode since they're still new, lots of money allows them to build and test every unit easily (at least thats what they think). It's common sense a million starting cash would ruin the gameplay (what's the point of harvesters) so if a player hosts a million dollar starting money game, they are either new or something is seriously wrong with them (e.g. a noob is too lazy to manage economy, decides to dumb down the game with $999999). Checkboxes doesn't seem to be a big problem. Bases, CTF, tiberium and crates are part of the original game settings. MCV undeploy rarely makes any difference. The only thing I hate is the separate helipad. It encourages people to build more helipads while those who only want to use 1-2 orcas for light harassments gets slowed down. I think the problem is the silly maps and how people are actually preferring them more. I mean, we can't stop people from making any maps they want, sometimes it's fun to play crazy maps once in a while for variety but the problem is that people are playing it too frequently to the point it seems like it's the standard of game. Just last week, someone hosted Green Acres and another player slammed him to pick a different map. I haven't played this game until recently, still manage to beat someone on a standard map and settings. Many TD players nowadays can't survive playing maps with little tiberuim. Pity.