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  1. ore_truck

    What units/structures would you nerf/buff and why?

    The manual says the MLRS is an attack-only unit and acts as a long-range support for your armor as they sit behind and throw rockets at everything. 5 medium tanks + 2 MLRS can do more damage than 7 medium tanks, especially if the enemy has lots of infantry and it also helps against aircrafts. Same goes with light tanks + artilleries/MLRS (though I myself never use them, hadn't played for a long time). The problem is they are too easily destroyed and smart players will target them first and take them out quickly before they could contribute any damage, so if people had 5 tanks & 2 MLRS, it's easily down to only 5 tanks and they regret not buying 7 tanks instead. I'm not asking for armor or speed increase for them since they are meant to be fragile and slow sitting ducks but with great firepower and range. Maybe a range increase (not too much, I want the SSML to remain superior in range) could give them more time to damage enemies and slightly put them at a safer spot when engaging. Maybe increasing damage too so even if they did get destroyed, at least they put a lot of damage to its attackers. After all, it's a late tech unit, I like it if people fear them like when they see a SCUD Launcher or Nuke Cannon in C&C Generals (except they shouldn't be able to destroy 9 tanks in 1 hit).
  2. ore_truck

    Tournament map standards and variables

    Yeap, but no one really plays those maps nowadays. Last time I was online and chose Green Acres or Red Sands, people keep suggesting other maps. Would be nice if we get to play WW maps.
  3. ore_truck

    Aftermath Soviet Mission "Situation Critical" 3.03 Fix

    I think most people didn't bother about the tesla coils. The missile subs can destroy the two nearby powers from their original position, all it needs is to scout the power.
  4. You're talking about chem, right? And what avatar picture? Haven't been on for a long time so I am curious..
  5. ore_truck

    Unanimous Change

    What's with changing the TD's damage on infantry and structures? TDs are meant to be a specialized anti-tank unit while suck against anything non-vehicle so lets keep it that way. Improve their tank battle effectiveness. Change them by making them not redundant, something that makes people wanna build them over mirage tanks and Battle fortresses for countering tanks. 1. Turn it into a heavy anti-tank artillery by allowing it to 1-shot a Grizzly but reduce its speed, firing rate, etc. But this might change the Allied fundamentals of being quick and nimble so maybe the next option.. 2. Make it similar to grizzly tank in terms of speed, firing rate, etc but give it a mirage tank's damage or higher against vehicles (damage against infantry and structures is unchanged) 3. Or something in between the two above. Don't know about you guys, but I make use of tank destroyers in my casual games. But if changes are needed, I rather have it like either of above.
  6. ore_truck

    Unanimous Change

    buff the Tank Destrroyers.
  7. ore_truck

    Lets talk about noobs

    you could have at least "complained" about it in a normal and constructive manner if you didn't like it, instead of acting like an angry teenager yelling "ffs another topic with 100 lines"
  8. ore_truck

    Unanimous Change

    I agree that Tesla troopers are situational units useful in the right situations but that situation rarely happens. Buffs for them to be used more often is what i like: increased their range so they are equally feared like guardian GIs (not same range as GGIs of course, just long enough so tanks couldn't kite them). Tesla Tank: Increased range and firepower, something like RA:Aftermath's tesla tank, long-range support unit with low armor and firing rate. Not sure about lowering it's firing rate as it would decrease their effectiveness against infantry, but they are supposed to be easily overwhelmed by massed infantry, that's how tesla weapons in RA1 and RA3 are weak at. Currently, the tesla tank is just a low armor yet expensive cannon fodder for rhinos that gets killed before they could contribute any damage. Not worth the $1200. Magnetron: Not sure about cliff limitation but I think giving them master mind's speed is a good nerf. Players have more time to react before they start picking on miners. Tank destroyer: More firing rate and speed.
  9. ore_truck

    Unanimous Change

    Dude, we are talking about RA2/YR not mental omega. It's about balance discussion in RA2/YR units and not talking about a whole new different game. Why do you need to bring up MO here?
  10. ore_truck

    Promoting A Path Beyond & Renegade dying...

    Yes, he is. AKA Mackintoke.
  11. ore_truck

    Unanimous Change

    buff the underused national unit!!!!! and tesla troopers....
  12. ore_truck

    As allie how much miners do u need?

    Depends on the map, how many mineral fields and how big are they. If you decide to build less miners because the map has gemstone and oil derricks, you can open up with more tanks but if the opponent sticked to their usual "build X number of miners even if there are oil and gemstone" (he didn't bother with less miners) he''ll' get richer than you later on.
  13. ore_truck

    Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

    I always giggle when someone's base got attacked by a visceroid when it's defenseless but yes, they are really annoying if it happens to me. I always survive a visceroid attack in the first 10 seconds of the game and I do agree it ruins a good 1v1 even if you survived. You lost focus on building as you are managing to kill the creature, possible loss of early infantry as they appear unexpectedly and easily "squish" your troops and economy is affected when you need to repair buildings (they do a lot damage) or replace fallen infantry. The worst part is when my opponent couldn't handle an early visceroid on his base and resigned in the first 30 seconds (not a fun game). I had one newbie calling me a cheater in the lobby for "building a red flame tank very fast".
  14. ore_truck

    Just a warning on playing custom maps

    We can't whitelist custom maps because people can customized it with cheats. Only official maps because everybody knows official maps are not made by sneaky cheaters silently putting tremendous advantages at their starting spot. Yes, there are custom maps that are fair but we wouldn't know there are thousands of them!
  15. ore_truck

    Peculiar Things About RA2/YR...

    and light weapon Also. Yuri and Eva said GIant Squids were mind-controlled in RA2 but how Soviets can still buy them in YR after Yuri took their psychic technology from them.