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  1. ore_truck

    Soviet VS Yuri

    Rhino rush and desolators are powerful.
  2. ore_truck

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    Only new players host with more than $10000 starting money, because I think they are trying to get into like a sandbox mode since they're still new, lots of money allows them to build and test every unit easily (at least thats what they think). It's common sense a million starting cash would ruin the gameplay (what's the point of harvesters) so if a player hosts a million dollar starting money game, they are either new or something is seriously wrong with them (e.g. a noob is too lazy to manage economy, decides to dumb down the game with $999999). Checkboxes doesn't seem to be a big problem. Bases, CTF, tiberium and crates are part of the original game settings. MCV undeploy rarely makes any difference. The only thing I hate is the separate helipad. It encourages people to build more helipads while those who only want to use 1-2 orcas for light harassments gets slowed down. I think the problem is the silly maps and how people are actually preferring them more. I mean, we can't stop people from making any maps they want, sometimes it's fun to play crazy maps once in a while for variety but the problem is that people are playing it too frequently to the point it seems like it's the standard of game. Just last week, someone hosted Green Acres and another player slammed him to pick a different map. I haven't played this game until recently, still manage to beat someone on a standard map and settings. Many TD players nowadays can't survive playing maps with little tiberuim. Pity.
  3. ore_truck

    "Useless" units

    Title should be underused units instead of useless.
  4. ore_truck

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    It gets worse if there's a capturable neutral con yard at the starting positions.... with both sides tech!! 😱
  5. ore_truck

    infantry units are too underpowered compared to tanks!

    The infantry seem alright. Civilian garrisons provide more usefulness for standard infantry, anti-tank classes are uncrushable and how each faction have unique infantry arsenal like Soviets are meant to win by massing units, so the conscript are easier to mass and make better meat shields plus they got the cloning vats in RA2, Allies are portrayed like modern warfare military so they have better spec ops commando and infiltration units while the psycho weirdo yuri has his own whacko infantry classes for his whacky tactics. I like how Red Alert 2 infantry have different types like the low tier ones are meant to be en massed (basic infantry, flak troopers, rocketeers, guardian GIs, etc), special purpose unit (engineer, spy, yuri, sniper) and special forces (infantry not meant to be massed but can be powerful in low numbers if the enemy base is left undefended like Navy SEALs, Tanya, chrono legionaire, etc). It's how you pick the right time and right type of infantry unit to see how useful they are. For example, you don't send the massed lower tier in late game when the enemy has lots of snipers,desolators,virus, prism tanks, etc. You don't need special purpose infantry if there are no tech buildings to capture or bridges to destroy. You don't deploy commando units if the enemy is expecting one and had anti-infantry defenses littered in his base.
  6. ore_truck

    im the only one who's getting this message ?

    Can we block that person? (unless you are actually interested in whatever he/she's into)
  7. ore_truck

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    The OP is new (at least for online MP when he created the thread) and he was asking for help about competitive balance between factions.
  8. ore_truck

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Why would CNCnet do that? And why would Iraq need 2 crazy ivans?
  9. ore_truck

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Soviet (especially if one does not pick Iraq) is imbalance without superweapons (IC) if playing against Yuri.
  10. ore_truck

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    @MapDesignerNon-Iraq Soviet is really underpowered compared to other factions (esp Yuri) so you definitely need to start practicing using them. Tesla tanks, demo trucks might have its uses, but you'll find desolators having more uses that could make a lot more difference. As for infantry, soviet's infantry are fine. Mass conscripts are deadly and efficient at their current price, crazy ivan is cheap enough already being a re-usable unit that can 1-hit-demolish some buildings and bridges. You can always buy a cloning vats in RA2 if you want 2 infantry for the cost of 1 if you wanna feel them being half-priced.
  11. ore_truck

    Red Alert 2 Laboratory

    It was patched long ago. it used to be possible to get infantry for free by walling the barracks (get back refund) and the cloning vat would still produce in RA2.
  12. ore_truck

    The "what are you listening to now?" Topic!

  13. Airstrike is unfair for players sitting at top spot. I think the planes (MP airstrike) only comes from the northern edge and southern players will have better chances defending against them, especially the fact that north spots will always build defenses on the south side of their base while the bottom players will build defenses on the northern part of their base. Bottom players can shoot down the planes before they fly over their targets. It's like the nuke, it will drop from the top edge and players sitting at the south (or gather their bikes there) will have more time to react. If your temple is at the bottom, then there is a higher chance enemies will notice the missile going up. But nukes from crates will immediately drop from the north edge upon launch if I remember correctly..
  14. ore_truck

    Undocumented secret in "Romanov on the run" mission

    Polar bears are mind-controllable.
  15. ore_truck

    infantry units are too underpowered compared to tanks!

    "Do you enjoy watching your men glow in the dark? Build more then!" We don't need it. You just want it. But still a good feature though if we could mass them easier - but still not really needed. Infantry are useful for early and late stages of the game. They are good at early rushes, defense, cannon fodders, support, etc. The game was never meant to be tanks only. Making war factory available early would mean infantry would be less useful. But why would a war factory needed if we could just win the game using only conscripts and tesla troopers?