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  1. You're not the only one. In fact, this happens on other C&C games too. You get bashed for picking GDI in Tiberian Sun or USA SW general in Generals Zero Hour. People just don't like playing against a stronger faction because they think it's not fun whether they are using it or playing against it.
  2. What did he do this time?
  3. ore_truck

    Rule braker

    This is more of an attitude issue if someone purposely 2v1 or 3v1 you in FFA. That notorious nike guy is well known for doing that if he dislikes somebody, especially if you just beat him in 1v1 and you happen to join an ffa the next game with him there. He will do it when you are busy fighting someone else, even if he has to cross the map to get you. He doesn't care if the other 2 players next to his base destroys him because he doesn't really care about the game, he's a troll and his mission is to troll 2v1 the targeted player. Me, hashton and another player 3v1 him before because of this. I saw how silly it was to 3v1 him in an FFA game but I had no regrets doing it on him since he deserved it.
  4. Not sure about the TS or TD community, but I fully agree with the red alert community. Some of the red alert players are hostile to you too if you beat them one game, and kicks you on the next one. As for quiet players, some of them are just shy (usually the noobs) or maybe they just play for fun without being serious enough to communicate tactical gameplay stuffs but they can still respect you as a player, so I can forgive these kind of silent players.
  5. I like the original sidebar better too. At least for the extended one in high-resolution. Like I said in the other thread about sidebars, I don't like separate tabs, it's better if everything is in one place and I can see most of the structures and units in one tab (TD has low number of units by the way) and using the mouse wheel to scroll down if I need to see more. I don't like using hotkeys on the keyboard as shortcuts to change tabs. At least allow us to switch tabs using the wheel. I prefer not to use both hands to do it.
  6. I played a few games of C&C Rivals. It's not as bad as people make it out to be. It's basically phone-version of RTS C&C watered down with very limited features but as a C&C fan since the 90s, it's good to have a simplified version of C&C in your pocket that you can play anywhere - at the supermarket or waiting for your food at a restaurant.
  7. I am assuming those are separate tabs for infantry and superweapons (I might be wrong). Are they planning to add new units and more support power/superweapons? Because originally it only had 4 (5-6 in MP) buildable infantry and 1 superweapon per faction and that is too little to give their own build tabs. Especially in the Nod campaign where the super tab would be useless until the last mission (which you can use only once). At least GDI has airstrikes in the earlier missions but still seems weird to have its own tab.
  8. I've seen the computer build a tech center before, and some Tanyas and gap generators in skirmish. I saw them immediately sold the tech center after building. This was on a map with lots of ore.
  9. Harvesters and MCVs are Tier S for me.
  10. The screws do make it look like a toy. The buildings in the original games does have a little bit of comical architecture (temple of nod resembling a scorpion, hand of nod showing a hand squeezing the Earth) but at least they still look like freaking buildings, not having screws and rivet bolts fastened into them!
  11. I think what TD players want for a remaster is a proper working game (unlike Tiberian Twilight on Steam) and still have the fun of what the original had. Changing it too much might make it play differently to the point it's not the TD we know. Even the balance mod isn't played much because it plays differently and just throws the original gameplay and strategies that people are used to out the window. Off course, it can be good that it provided a new style of game, but not everybody likes changes - they only see it as splitting the community. I'm not saying the remaster is going to be a different game just by judging one art preview. But it shows that not everyone who played TD is too happy with the construction yard change. Visual changes like giving Nod the logo they used in TW3 instead of the original one or giving Kane hair would only make this remaster game not "canon".
  12. More damage, tiberium immunity, less collateral damage from death explosions and can destroy barriers (sandbag/concrete walls, chain link fences, barbed wire) thanks to the HE weapon type. Still, I think they are less useful than the flamethrower because of their more expensive price (they are still equally vulnerable except to tiberium) and higher tech level (by the time they're available, there are better alternatives of what the chem soldier is good at and the tiberium on the map would probably be harvested making their tiberium immunity not so useful). Because of their tech level, I see them like the commando using them to kill group of infantry and take down a vulnerable building - both units are good at that and has high tech level but chem-warriors need to work in groups while the commando can work solo - something like Flamethrower & Tanya in Red Alert. Though practically, people always choose the commando over the chem troopers to kill infantry and bomb buildings. The good side of using chem-warriors is that you can deploy them in groups and still get the job done after taking a few losses.
  13. I hope they keep the engine. I don't want it to be like a RA3 or C&C3 mod because the building look like one. Preserve the legacy!
  14. Yeah I dont like RA3 that much, but other C&C games before that are good. I prefer Generals and C&C1.
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