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  1. Yeah I dont like RA3 that much, but other C&C games before that are good. I prefer Generals and C&C1.
  2. I felt like he is the one that welcomes me to C&C. He was the first guy in the first mission cutscene of the first C&C game.
  3. The point is Nod is rarely ever used. it is the most under used faction and yet you suggest GDI needs to buff their Ion Cannon.
  4. Not a surprise. Yuri's Revenge has the Yuri rebalance patch, Tiberian Sun has the veterancy patch that makes underused units more useful and Red Alert has the Slow Unit Build option so Tiberian Dawn is getting its own changes as well. But something still bothers me a little about this... I am aware GDI sucks in this game, but these changes do seem too GDI-biased like for example : nuclear can no longer destroy a weapons factory but an Ion cannon is given more damage to deliberately still allow them to destroy it and MLRS taken away from Nod despite they are the ones that doesn't have an AGT. And why are stealth tanks cheaper than flame tanks? I've seen them in action more and have a more dangerous situational role.
  5. New video out now! Magnetrons!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INTWjSVyxuY&lc=z225x5cyhrn1ff24m04t1aokge1wrplq3dnowxd4iavtrk0h00410.1548087733408022
  6. Rushing isn't a troll. And the match wasn't a waste if you could learn something out of it.
  7. Renegade has Military police. And Generals have them in the Astana and Baikonur mission.
  8. We don't have infinite money maps in TD but we already have obelisk-turret-creeping on maps with lots of money. But it's less of a problem in TD since building additional MCVs is slow, expensive and too high tech level so people can't base walk fast enough like in Red Alert. You can still base walk with AGTs on small maps with super-close starting spots, but none of them are the official maps. But base-walking with guard towers on normal maps is possible if you put some barracks (while spamming infantry) with them.
  9. I prefer like in C&C1,RA, and TS. Everything is in one place so I can just scroll with the mouse-wheel if I wanna buy anything. Having additional categories takes some time to get used to and needs to assign more hotkeys (to change between tabs) if you wanna buy things fast. I want this especially in TD where there's not many stuffs and the sidebar shows lots of purchasable options on high resolution so I don't have to press an extra hotkey or click a tab just to buy something if it's a different category of my last purchase. I played a lot of Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn but a few weeks ago I played RA3 and C&C3 again and I find the different categories in the sidebar more complicated. Especially in RA3 since there's additional tabs for boats and planes (at least RA2 only has 4, where all vehicles share the same category). Tldr: I prefer the sidebar like the original, everything is in one place and can be easily scrolled with the mouse wheel.
  10. For Tiberian Dawn: allow multiple units to enter a transport with a single command (like in Red Alert), instead of ordering them individually. And if it's possible for the engine, make walls,sandbags, fence easier to build like in RA2 system. I like this one. I'm aware techy's are intended to be useless units for the lols, but would be funnier if it could kill someone and humiliate your opponent. They even pose zero threat to an engineer that's unarmed. I'm not saying it should be more powerful than 1/2 of a minigunner's attack, but at least I would like to see some damage contribution from them, like if they 1v1 a rocket soldier techy;s should still lose but drop the bazooka's health by half.
  11. I used to play Tiberian Sun online but stopped some time ago. I remember how the Light Infantry are useful. Early in the games, we always have intense infantry warfare and could cause a lot of damage if the opponent doesn't defend against them well. They also make good cannon fodders and meatshields, like this video, people still used infantry while sending Mammoth Mk 2s!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duQ3SrEpMN8
  12. If C&C1 is getting a remaster, make it exactly like the one we have on cncnet, except: 1. Fix the out of sync error. 2. Make it compatible with newer systems. 3. You don't need a 3rd party platform to play online. 4. Better resolution and have its settings available at options (pls dont touch the other graphics). 5. Better the harvester pathfinding.
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