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  1. Isn't that a Tiberian Sun mission?
  2. He's a nobody. Spanked him many times a few years back. He loves trash talking after that.
  3. I agree, blaming unfair positions is the best excuse.
  4. Chem, you need to calm down. I don't 100% agree with the mod but stop acting like it's being forced onto us. You even need to involve MattAttack's name! Don't worry about the noobs, the game exists for 25 years now, I'm sure they'll realize this "patch" is actually a mod since it drastically changes the gameplay. If they like it then cool, if they don't then they'll stick to the original. And what's wrong with these good people making a mod? I'm not a pro player and I do not know how skillful these modders are, but at least they are trying to make a balanced mod that is optional. They made this very thread to reach out to the community asking for feedback. Not to hear someone saying "it should be kipp/rc/bart who make this mod..."
  5. That would make chem warriors less unique. There is no cure for tiberium. Red Alert changed to ore because Tiberium hasn't arrived on Earth yet and the game didn't wanna include any alien stuffs yet at the time.
  6. You mean selling vehicles on a wall glitch?
  7. It's worse because of the modern gamers asking for a lot of unneeded stuffs. Double-clicking selects all units of the same type on screen, which is very annoying if you are trying to deploy your APC or select a primary building. Pressing the 'Select All in View' key or dragging mouse to create a selection box does not include harvesters and MCV for some dumb reason. Whenever I start a multiplayer game where I want to move my MCV and the starting units, I had to do it twice because the MCV is left out. I even lost a harvester because I failed to select it before it went docking in the refinery where I can no longer save it. I prefer my cncnet sidebar a million times more than the sidebar with the tedious production tabs. But since (I believe) the original game only had 8 production buttons on the sidebar without mouse wheel support, I am not complaining about it. There are some good stuffs about it, the mission select screen for the campaign, bonus content, music, ease of finding a match (quickmatch, and custom games have more people than in the cncnet lobby) and unlike cncnet, you don't get to play on these stupid maps with a capturable Construction Yard near your base or a prebuilt base with 20 obelisks. The ability to target airborne units is good, although it's game-changing, especially for the Orca (the computer can do that in the original, now it doesn't feel like it's cheating on that part).
  8. I prefer the original sidebar. And lmao, I just realized those black sticks in front of the GDI barracks are soldiers.. I thought they were crops or tombstones.
  9. The ant mission from Red Alert Counterstrike has this.
  10. The only cons I can think of is that it's not freeware and very expensive (but it's C&C, still worth every cent). I think it's only fair if I judge it more once I play it.
  11. If this is true, then the harvesters not being smarter is a let down for me. I heard they didn't want to change something that affects the gameplay much and trying to stick to the original. They don''t want it to be like OpenTD/OpenRA where it feels like a completely different game. TD originally never had 6-8 players. Would be fun if they do it on the remasters but who cares, 3v3 always feel like 1v3 and ffa always feels like 1v5.
  12. TS is pretty much toxic last time I played. People complaining and reporting about hacks, people cheating the ladder when it was still a thing, new players getting kicked in every single game, and all these things led to a toxic fight in the community. Other C&C game community also have toxicity problems like trash talking, banning or dodging you if you're too good, bans certain tactics and will flame you if they don't like how you beat them... - pretty much all of this exist in the TS community. We still have people hating each other, but some of them had forgiven since it's a small community and they're forced to be nice if they ever want to play.
  13. You're not the only one. In fact, this happens on other C&C games too. You get bashed for picking GDI in Tiberian Sun or USA SW general in Generals Zero Hour. People just don't like playing against a stronger faction because they think it's not fun whether they are using it or playing against it.
  14. What did he do this time?
  15. This is more of an attitude issue if someone purposely 2v1 or 3v1 you in FFA. That notorious nike guy is well known for doing that if he dislikes somebody, especially if you just beat him in 1v1 and you happen to join an ffa the next game with him there. He will do it when you are busy fighting someone else, even if he has to cross the map to get you. He doesn't care if the other 2 players next to his base destroys him because he doesn't really care about the game, he's a troll and his mission is to troll 2v1 the targeted player. Me, hashton and another player 3v1 him before because of this. I saw how silly it was to 3v1 him in an FFA game but I had no regrets doing it on him since he deserved it.
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