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The remasters is taking any maps in for its multiplayer so get yours in if you want them in!


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Some novice just entered a map that could have been made in 5 minutes or so.  That is ridiculous considering the sheer quality in mass available from old mappers, and modern. 


There's some really good map makers in here.


I noticed cn2mc and another guy from a long time ago made some good 1v1 maps I think he was called N3 basically there were mappers that were really good but really old, someone should nominate their best stuff, also ruby ridge isn't in remasters I think it should be. 


Im not sure if it would need to be remade with the editor or if it can be converted, I presume it can be converted

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Remastered map format is identical to the original game. Nothing needs to be converted. The only thing you need to do to set up a map is probably to open it in the editor and save it, so it can write the json metadata so the glyphx engine has a thumbnail and a simple easy overview of the starting points.

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