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TS Map Request.


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Hey Everyone!


I have absolutely no clue how the TS Editor works.. :( But I totally miss my favourite map from RA1 and i have no idea how to create it


It's a simple map.. just 2 islands, seperated by a river with a bunch of money on each side


So, i wanna ask you if you know where i can download a map like this? or if you could create on for me..  ? I can create a map like this in 5 min with the ra1 editor so it shouldn't be much work.. :)


I hope my request is ok and someone can help me?


i've attached a screenshot, so you guys will know what i mean :)


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thx alot.. :) but i feel kinda stupid now :D how can i play the map? i've never downloaded a TS map before :).. i put the .dpr file into my TS folder.. but i can't find the map :D





ahh.. this a a map  for the DTA MOD? :)  i was actually searching for a Tiberium Sun map :)


just tried the map in DTA :) it's great! just what i was looking for :) but i just figured out this kind of maps doesn't fit soo good in Tiberium dawn :) hehe

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