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A mod 10 years in the making...


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In the C&C community there are few if any mods that can match the development time this mod has had.


D-Day a mod for Yuri's Revenge by Mig Eater has been in development for 10 years and today he released a beta. The time developing this mod has been well spent as the mod features six different sides (America, Britain, France, Soviet Union, Germany and Italy), about 580 units and 180 buildings spread over the six sides additionally the mod features 280 civilian units and buildings.


Let's see what Mig Eater has to say for himself about the mod:


Today is June 6th and on this day 68 years ago the largest amphibious invasion in history took place on the beaches of Normandy. Today is also the 10th anniversary of the D-day mod, I usually celebrate with a large selection of screenshots showcasing some of progress I have made over the previous months. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to show this year, mainly because I’ve been so busy putting the finishing touches on the v3.6 Beta which is now ready for release!


This beta includes six different sides (America, Britain, France, Soviet Union, Germany & Italy), with roughly 580 units and 180 buildings between them. There are also 240 civilian vehicles & buildings too occupy or destroy. This is a beta tho and as such some features are missing and/or incomplete. Most notable is the lack of any naval buildings and units. Several sides currently have incomplete naval forces, the few maps available in this beta also do not have any large bodies of water making naval warfare limited, and so because of this naval units have been disabled. Also in an incomplete sate are the superweapons, some sides currently have a full selection of them while others none at all, so to keep things balanced they have all been disabled. Japan is still a work in progress and is missing some of even the most basic units (such as supply collectors) making them nearly unplayable, so they have been disabled for this beta. Not all of the building graphics are complete and so they are represented with placeholder images, this mostly affects the French side. 


Please be aware that D-day requires the Ares expansion Dll to work, please see the readme included in the download for more information.


You can find it on the download page here

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