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Red Dawn custom scenario causes the game to crash


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PM me if I posted this on the wrong thread.


I Don't really understand why it crashes and sometimes closes by itself. But sometimes it works perfectly. I downloaded Allen's RD (the one he gave me in the Small Infantry topic). I will provide a single screenshot of my scenario.


A small preview of my scenario "Assassinate the Traitor"


Here's the file for my scenario anyway, if there something what needs to be fixed to remove the crashing tell me what it is.



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I have a few ideas what may be causing it. On my system the crash happens at the start. If it is doing it to you as well at the start it may be one of the following.


Waypoints should be on the outside of the map when possible. The game may not like the Red Rife Inf. My best guess is that the number of buildings being destroyed at once is too much for the game while it is having to reinforcing the player’s team.


Below is a copy I changed. I put the Waypoints on the outside of the map. Changed the Red Rife Inf to a Spy and reduced the number of buildings destroyed at the start. It seems to be working fine now.


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The spy looks like a Rifle Inf to you as a player but is unarmed. You can arm the spy for one mission by opening up the mission with any text editor. (just like the rules.ini) and add this to the top of the file.


; Spy















Now the spy will act just like a Rifle Inf for this one mission.

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