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Bitcoin likely to crash again soon... get ready to jump in!


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If you already own some; congrats on tripling your money in the last couple of months! If you don't, the price is likely to come back down again soon, which is a good time to enter. When it does:

  1. Buy as much as you can afford to lose.
  2. Don't look at it for 5 years (because there will be some pretty scary drops along the way!).
  3. Buy me a beer - you're welcome.

In a few years time from now, bitcoin would have increased in value so much that this next (possible) crash will seem minuscule, therefore, even if you buy now and not wait for the price to come back down, in the long term it wouldn't matter. But that said, it's probably too late to get rich if you're only starting now (unless you want to risk a large amount, but just make sure to ONLY THROW IN WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!), but you can still make some damn good profit in just a few years time.

Just looking out for my fellow gamers!


DISCLAIMER: This is not professional financial advice, so don't hunt me down and kill me if I'm wrong! (but I won't be ?)

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