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Red Alert: Aftermath.Coop play against AI or other players over tunnugle\cnc net


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I would like to know if there is anyone who would like to play against AI or tother ppl... or 2 on 2.. 3 on 3 etc. I dont play like the most players play on CnC not the Starc Craft style building up million Constraction yards and million ware fact.s. It is looks like sport for me and i cant enjoy the game anymore. If you like to play in "normal" way in cooperative mode on Mega maps. Plese post here or send message to me. So one day we can play!


PS I am not avaliable now but i will in the next month.. Cheers

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Try Tiberian Dawn then. It isn't rushed like Red Alert


well that is a good idea... i actually never played in C&C over net... at least i will try. In RA i play vs AI and it kicks me 2 times out of 3 =) I play against 4-5 AI's they do huge attacks, very hard to winn if i play allies =)

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