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  1. Manual is good) but where I can download mode itself?
  2. Good day Comrades 😃 About: The intention of this mode is to make some rebalance and make AI more agressive thus skirmish mode more fun. Of course it is possible to use in multiplayer(both players must install this mode on the same version of game). New units\Structures: - Soviets now have Commando instead of Tanya(she is more Allied afterall) - Chnged skin of Light Tank (by AchromicWhite) - Changed skin of Tesla tank (by Nyerguds) - Allied now have Badger bomber and Airfields (it feels wrong that they have no Aiplains) to make it work I had to remove Yak plane from Soviets(no pitty) Changes to existing units: - All allied units gained +5-10% HP, exept Artillery +100% HP (IMHO vanilla Allied units are too weak) - Medium tank have mg90 machine gun as secondary weapon (to be more effective against infantry, all tanks have macineguns afterall) - Units roket incresed danage to troopers: Bazooka, Destroyer, Longbow helicopter, Phase tank (it feels wrong that rockets cant kill infantry after 1-3 shots) - Mine layer mines increased damage - All useless buildings like fakes, barbwire fence, small power plant were removed - Some units were removed: Jeep, Radar jam, Mobile gap generator, Aircraft carrier(I hope some one who builds new skins for RA can build a really nice big Aircraft ship) - Prerequsites of almost all units were removed ( faster search in the build list ) - Many other small changes I really dont remember everything 😃 Gameplay changes: - Increased speed of ore growth and its cost (more money more units can be build = more fun) - Increased build ratio of aircrafts for AI (their air attaks are very massive now) - Paratroopers now 10 instead of 5 (with 10 troopers you can do some damage) - Parabombs now have 2 bombers and 6 bombs (vanilla 1 and 5) - To capture building you need only 1 engineer (sometimes AI send an engineer to your base and now this action has a meaning) - Increased crates quantity (wich allows AI randomly pick up different nice things like MCV or Nuke more often) - Nuke damage increased by 300% (now its real Nuke not a puff) - Other options to change AI behaviour to be more agressive Install: Unzip to game folder, overwrite old files(dont forget to make a copy of original files before this!) Have fun. Post comments. Cheers Red Alert - Rebalance mode ver1.00.zip
  3. Added this one to the game. Not working. UPD: its working 😃
  4. After some years I am bringing up this topic to your attention gents 😃
  5. Hi there. Could you please tell me what file did you edit. I understand that it is one of the mix files. Which one? Thanks
  6. Played with this parameter for some time and discovered that it works but only if EXAMPLE: Game resolution: 800x600 and Stretch to custom resolution: ENABLED and is bigger than game resolution: 1024x768 A bit confusing but it is working...
  7. Hi PPL I have Video options issue on CnCNet 5 Client by FunkyFr3sh client. Scaling filter for stretching = Linear(smooth/blured) - is not working. OpenGL - enabled. It is always stays Nearest(sharp/pixilated). Tried var resolutions. Works fine on older ddraw versions. Any chance to fix? Thanx =)
  8. Hi. I play skirmish and after update of CnCNet I cannot select START (starting position on the map) for myself. Please fix this. Thanx
  9. You said you use RA ver 2.0 to play your mod. I cant find it in internet, only ver 3.03. I used to play ver 2.0 before, I used original CDs for that. Now I have win7 x64 and It is not possible to install RA from original CDs. Your mod is not working with 3.03. That means that people(most part of users) who have win7 x64 will not be able to play your mod. So I suggest to make it compitable with ver 3.03 or to upload ver 2.0 with your mod somewhere...
  10. I have win7 x64 and I cant install RA from original CD's. The other version 2.0. of RA i have is not working with your mod =( Please upload your mod with RA. I suggest you to make it compitable with ver 3.03 it has less problems working with win7.
  11. Snijboer what version of RA do you use to play the mod? Please give a link.
  12. It is not working with this version. OK i will wait for update of the mode...
  13. One more thing... what RA1 version is suitable here and where can I download it? Thanx
  14. Hello! Great! Will test it today! Why is it so big? almost 1 gb =)
  15. I did say I was mostly joking, there. I think the easiest way to go here is just to use the Red Alert 3 music of the Japan side. I agree! Better save time to do mod itself, ruther then spend time to look for a good music. P.S. Every joke has a bit of truth hehe
  16. Sorry maybe its just my taste but, I dont understand how pop music can fit in RA =) really... that can do in Heroes of Might and Migic. Maybe some thing like "Vector" can do but not japan pop with lyriks! This can do [Cyberpunk / Industrial] The Enigma TNG - Vaden or KASSTRICK BACTERIA / MONSTER PARTY cose this looks like original RA ost. as to japan music you should look through Anime OST. Look in torrents "Best of Anime OST" There a lot of [email protected] there need time to find something good. PS. from the other hand I dont really think that OST for the mod is really important since anyone can put any music via mp3 players...
  17. When I hear some trance or ronroll music in RA, that makes me sick =( I think that the best music here should be industrial with some Yuki Kajiura and Ayumi Hamasaki elements... Also would like to hear some new industrial tracks in the same style like Frank K does but with better quality(if it is possible at all). Some times I think that Rammstein would do but they are a littile bit havy... The gameplay in RA for me is sparkling) like fireworks))) music should be the same)))
  18. I like ninja! Hehe... I would like to see how he cut some soldier apart))))) Very interesting mode. I would help but have no time at all =(
  19. The only thing how any market works: make something that people will buy and dont give a damn about if they like it and any changes after start of the selling of that product will not happen because to change anything at this stage would be very costly... they can go bankrupt easely at this stage, this is the time when they need profit. Basicaly it is nobodys fault. Since some people can do some changes they do it and that is great =) IMHO
  20. Hello everyone. I found this command in TDA rules. Is it possible to add something like this in RA1? AIBaseSpacing=1 ; spacing between buildings when AI is building a base
  21. Yes but modding is about to change things that "intended", no? =)
  22. =))) Than would be nice. I tryed to play in OpenRa and Tanya is autoattacking only infantry. I really liked it =) Acctually in my mod of RA1 Commando(general Stavros from Aftermath single player) who is on the Soviet side instead of Tanya is autoattacking! So i thought that maybe it wold be possible to do same with Tanya, but since its hard coded...
  23. I wonder if there is a command wich makes Tanya attack automatically every unit wich is within range of her pistols... like all other units do.
  24. Yes. Rad had SAVE GAME only in network\online. I used that very often when we use to play via modem =) and when I played over tunngle it was also there. Now its present in Skirmish wich is very good because sometimes i dont have time to finish a battle =) but not in network =(
  25. I have a request for Red Alert: FunkyFr3sh please return SAVE GAME options in menu while online play. sometimes game is out of sync or accidental alt-tab's happens and i cant go Back to game again. thank you =)
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