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*New Map* Battle of Destruction v01.2


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*New Map* Battle of Destruction v01.2

New custom map and new gameplay style or tactic, I didn't put the tech units on the first version because it small map and it will be a short game with the OP units like Apoc or Prism tanks etc.. and anyone who plays faster than other players will win the game in 5 minutes, it's not about using the tech units it's about how to use the normal units to defend the flags and to attack the other flags, it's not a normal style or tactic, it's a new tactic.  

After last Livestream by @Kikematamitos we talked about the map, s
o the map has been edited, read the following tips:

  • If Your flag has been destroyed, you will be destroyed too.
  • You can Click to repair the flag.
  • You can use the force shield to protect the flags.
  • Super Units or Tech Units have been reduced to 1 or 4 .
  • All Sides Has Allied Airforce Command Headquarters.
  • 3 crates will appear on top and bottom which contain: Upgrades unit armor and Upgrades unit firepower and Veterans.
  • 60 cash for 100 delays from an outer source.
  • Tech building gives you oil derrick.

Full image of the map:

map preview on CnCNet client:

Watch the video to see battle field.

Download the map:
yosef anan - battle of destruction v01-2.map

If there are any Idea to make the map better and more balanced please tell me.



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