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Sole Survivor?


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Well as you all know nobody has been successful with hosting Sole Survivor game's? Reason being is it was disabled in the WWChat. And we all know the only way you can get this feature back is hardcoding enabling the crap locked so deep inside!.


Anyway's sole survivor? is it possible to host a server legally?


YES! And we didn't even have to hard code any bullSh*t into the wwchat program? Reason?!


We coded are own Westwood Chat Designed for sole survivor only!

Below is a sneak image of the client! Which is still in development stage's and will need beta tester's soon!


Also if you want to talk about sole survivor ask as much question's as you want in the "The Advanced Guard Tower" Section Which is dedicated to sole survivor!!! Located http://www.cnc-comm.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=59 here


Cheer's! -SyS



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SyS why did you create this forum? :/ Sole Survivor goes under "The Tiberium Refinery"......please before changing anything on the site ask me first!


EDIT: I renamed Gaming Comm Center to "The Advanced Guard Tower" since the last name doesn't fit under The Power Plant!

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