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Connection issues / People not loading into game


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Has anyone noticed an increase in connection/loading issues since the previous update? I've been playing many games the past week and noticed that roughly 1 out of 10 players will fail to connect and load the game. It happens quite frequently, and there seems to be an increase since before the previous client update. I'm hoping the CnCNet admins will address this issue. Thanks!

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11 hours ago, Ezer_2000 said:

Old and poorly fixed bug appeared again - game starts when some players still ingame. They are seen to you as some players not loading. Bug appears when some players have "Auto-Ready" enabled.


Yes! This is a separate issue that needs addressed aswell. The specific loading issues i'm referring to happen even on a freshly made gameroom. I don't know much else about it besides these things that i've noticed:

*Something like 1 in 5 games will fail to start due to 1 or multiple players not loading.

*Sometimes the same players will fail to load on retries.

*Sometimes changing the tunnel server will fix the issue. 

*Sometimes a person that used to connect will all of a sudden stop loading into games (Not due to the Auto-Ready bug mentioned by Ezer. Chatting with said player a second before starting game is how to know this.)

*If you're not loading into games, try restarting the Cncnet client. This is how i fixed it on my end when I was no longer loading into games. This fix did not work for 2 other players who tried this method.

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