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Missing Dune Civilization 2 Scenarios


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Hey guys,

Some of you may have seen over in my Civilization scenario search & rescue thread here that I'm on the hunt for C&C and Dune scenarios for Civilization games. I've managed to discover the existence of a handful of Dune scenarios for Civilization 2 and sadly some appear to be possibly lost forever.

Originally I only knew of David Emery's The Battle for Arrakis scenario which is on most Civ sites and is also hosted at Fed2k in their other game modifications section.


However I was recently informed about David Greenfield's CivDune scenario at Fed2k too and have added to the collection and spread it around the Civ communities too.


And I saw Dick Knisely's Islands in the Sand scenario at Fed2k too and will try it out soon although I can see in it's readme it's not set in the Dune universe but is inspired by it.

I have also discovered proof of the existence of three more Dune scenarios for Civ2 on a webarchive backup of an old Civ2 scenario site called the Zadanian League. Sadly the downloads are not backed up and all that remains is some basic info and some simple mini-map screenshots. Failed to find copies on any other Civ site either. If any dune gaming fans here have these scenarios please let me know so I can rescue them and make them publicly available to ensure they're not lost forever!

Sands of Dune by James Dahl – dune.zip (293kb)

Dune - Pour L'epice! (For the spice!) by N.Chautru – dune.zip (246kb)

The Battle for Arrakis 1.0 by Isaac Ashdown – dune.zip (163kb) (not to be confused with David Emery's Battle for Arrakis above)

Finding these 20 year old Dune Civ2 scenarios is a long shot I know but I gotta try. Sooner or later someone with a copy will hopefully come along.



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What looks good? and why is there a hidden link on your full stop? Spambot?

Anyway still no luck finding these missing Civilization 2 Dune scenarios sadly. Tried everywhere I can! :( 

On the bright side I have found something else rather rare and not commonly known about. A fellow named Autumn Leaf made a Dune Arrakis scenario for Civilization 1! Until recently I didn't even think that Civ1 even had scenarios let alone a Dune one made for it haha. I tried it out and it was really fun!

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SCORE!!! I got them! I got them all!!! :):)
Thanks to a wonderful donor sending me a huge collection of Civ2 scenarios which included a backup of Dustin Dunn's Zadanian League I managed to get all 3 missing Dune scenarios and preserve them!!! :)
Admittedly I'd hoped that these scenarios would be better than the existing 2 Dune ones we already had but they fall short a bit. They still have some nice features and clever ideas that make them unique, and I'm super glad to finally have them all as I never thought I'd find them and they plus the other 2 will make a great video down the track. Anyway here they are for anyone interested to enjoy! :):)
Dune - Pour l'epice! (For the spice!) Scenario by N. Chautru (FW) - French
Dune The Battle for Arrakis Scenario v1.0 by Isaac Ashdown (CiC)
Sands of Dune Scenario by James Dahl (FW)
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