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RIP Jesse aka APiTTBuLL

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I'm sure some of you remember him guys, especially if you were playing at the first stage WOL times during 2001 - 2005.

I knew a few days ago through his Facebook page and by some close familiars of him, that he has died on June 12. They did not give any detail but I know he had serious heart issues and suffered two strokes four years ago. Problems with drugs and/or alcohol? I don't really know.

I met him in 2004, he wasn't one of the best players but he was real GG player, fun to talk to and play. He was always kidding and making fun of anything (or anyone) and thats maybe why he had many haters too and a very charismatic personality. In that sense he was a true rebel.

Some of his nicks were APiTBuLL, Stimens, BeaT2KiLL, AGoNyPiTT, AGoNyBuLL and how not... MrNastY4u.

For some reason that I don't know, he liked me alot, we played many FFG's and talked alot on MSN too, and that's were I knew about his political ideas which I don't share but were his ideas. Last time we talked was at about 2012 or so, just after I begun to work at a car spare parts shop, I stopped playing Ra2 because I had no time and we lost contact.

From here, I would like to dedicate a memory for him. My condolences and prayers for all his family and I'm not a believer but, may God have him in his glory and thanks for your friendship, Jesse Stimens.

Thanks for reading this.


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