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Well, I guess this is the correct place to post it :)

On an unrelated note, recently I got into webcomics (had been reading some before, like Alien Loves Predator or the aforementioned Command & Comic, but very infrequently - probably due to the slow dial-up connection I used to have), most notably The Order of the Stick, Irregular Webcomic!, Darths & Droids, Freefall and Supernormal Step :)

You don't want to go into webcomics with me here... we'd have to split the thread, lol. I follow tons of them :D

Which I gladly do ^_^ Somehow I totally forgot to mention Hark! A Vagrant!, which is simply loveable :) (Pride and Prejudice and Monster Trucks!) I picked many webcomics while reading TVTropes, but knew of some beforehand as they included references to Dune (like this OOtS strip which Edric O mentioned here).


I learned of the Penny Arcade the same way but did not like it a lot, although I do like the GIFT theory.


I believe Supernormal Step does a particularly good job combining wacky concepts with interesting storytelling, something which is not always balanced well in webcomics IMO. It is also very well drawn, and has nice character design.


Irregular Webcomic! is awesome in all aspects, not only because it has LEGOs (Yay!) but it's the excellent humour and incredibly readable annotations that make it stand out :) In fact, David Morgan-Mar does a marvellous job when he starts explaining science in layman's terms, I wish my school teachers of math and physics had possessed such a talent back then. He's also got a lot of interesting observations on other things too, a certainly enjoyable read ^_^


Aside from Irregular Webcomic!, I also tried other comics made with LEGO figurines, most notably The Adventures of the S-Team. Legostar Galactica seems like it's very well done from the artistic standpoint but somehow it did not interest me much at all.


xckd has a lot of nice strips, but not always IMO. Some others that I (have) read occasionally include Scary Go Round (I think I started reading from the middle of a story, then got bored), The Spinnerette (which is rather nice actually), The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (has got entertainment value but is a little bit over the top for my tastes), Trying Human, as well as some others I can't recall now :)


8-bit Theatre, nice but the story often went on a very slow pace with jokes that were only mildly amusing.


Oh, and I also quite enjoyed reading Stupid Comics :D

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Ahh... I follow, in order of decreasing awesomeness:


Girl Genius

Schlock Mercenary

El Goonish Shive

Gunnerkrigg Court



Questionable Content

Slightly Damned

Sandra and Woo

Gaia / Shadowdancers




Dominic Deegan

Dragon Mango





There's plenty more I catch up with everyt now and then. those are the ones I got feeds and/or quick launch bookmarks of.

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