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Grizzly Plastic Tanks Vs Op Rhinos [Video Inside]

XMaDTanKX aka T-90

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It's been said over the years that these two units are kinda unbalanced especially by allied players who claim their tanks are 'plastic' and Soviet Rhinos are overpowered but, what's hidding behind this statement?

It's quite known that in balanced human tank battles the victory goes usually for the Rhinos, (and by balanced I mean money spent on tanks, not amount of them), Rhino always seem to win easier if there's not other units around like Gi's or Rockies but... after looking for some info and/or videos I couldn't find anything clear so I decided to make an analysis and video myself. There you go...

I make clear I'm Soviet player (not pro but decent) and I've been as neutral and impartial as I could. 

Let's discuss people!!

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