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My gamescreen sometimes isn't correct on 3840x2160


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on the highest resolution 3840x2160  my gamescreen isn't working correct sometimes.

I have mostly only played QM and could observe it there.

I think i had i twice on this map Dry Heat.

Is it something with my PC or maybe an update could solve it?


Best greetings



`Yuris Revenge QM Screen Error.png

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the resolution of your monitor exceeds the resolution(map size) of the map

each map is different.  the map name will tell you  something x something.

you just need to reduce your resolution until they all fit......if you playing quick match and can't adjust before it starts

I keep a log of which resolution for which map.....  :)


or you might try playing it windowed instead of full screen.......in the client settings


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what do you mean with reducing resolution - do you mean the resolution that you can choose in the game or some specific resolution of in my monitor settings?

if i try Window Mode i get this error:

It says:

"A color depth of 16 mb is required for this product"

A color depth of 16 mb is required for this product

Best greetings

2022-03-15 (2).png

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