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Campaign tib sun and firestorm


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On 8/7/2022 at 2:57 AM, McPwny said:

theres a seperate download for it. its in the same place as the cncnet multiplayer download but you have to click around a little and look at the different game versions for the right one

Nah he already has cncnet client and you don't need other one that has 2+ GB download so you just get extra movies and music that hasn't even adapted for higher resolution. Yet you could just drop the download link instead not being lazy haha.

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13 hours ago, MrFrodo said:

When I play with this...it doesnt alt the barracks/pad/warf etc...

Hold ALT while selecting factories to alt them. Also yeah I think this is the client you wanna use also for multiplayer.
!Important cncnet clients might be replaced or removed while providing new client. The specific time/date not determined yet. For more info join TS Discord channel https://discord.gg/be3hTr3M

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