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  1. It was nothing. basically i was using sound blasters as well as headphones so somehow it was laggin the game, even CSgo was lagging because of that. Thanks, its back to normal ow.
  2. I am on a new gaming PC, I played couple of games around 10 days ago it was fine. But today i joined 3 games, and it was super super laggy, like 10fps maybe And after I left, they said it was fast. Any idea why that could be? Also could it be that GPU is somehow f***ing it up? EDIT: I just played a solo game w/ passowrd NO AI NO other players. and still super slow. wtf?!
  3. What is is this, I dont get it...
  4. 1. @FunkyFr3sh @adminSo firstly I have an FTTH connection and i get consistent ping to uk and us servers but still sometimes i think game is choppy because of me (Also it randomly disconnects, is it possible that my ONT device gets hot and causes a disconnect?) secondly, my speedtest shows Pakistan server but in cncnet.org it shows m playing from US 2. Also, somehow, ts plays better on my LTE hotspot, whys that? and with my LTE connection cncnet shows m playing from Pakistan 3. Please unban me from cncnet.org I used word "nigga" in lobby, ddnt know it was banable offfence now, I havent been on for last year or so....
  5. So I just installed TS after long time, its giving some error at update so I am forced to play with old files etc idk. See attached screenshot Secondly, when I make a hand or barracks or pad or warf, why it doesnt alt to where we want it to go?? Also is there any way to adjust keyboard shortcuts in the CnCnet TS client or u have to do that in game?
  6. So I just deleted my old installation from 2015 and downloaded the new installer and installed TS. See attached SS, why user list has shrunk, theres more users ig then in that list....TIA
  7. If are a newb, good place to start read up on mole40k's and even kaizen's guide. these will fill you up with alot of basic info needed for online play Secondly, if you see a Terrace map game up, ask them to let you spectate OR you could watch 100s of videos posted by pros I second Phenomena, if you play giants you might get better at giants, but you will actually never learn the real game of strategy in TS(tiberian sun). peace
  8. Damn maan so many players online , so many games on. Probably all time high in my 3 or 4 years, the activity
  9. I dont wanna play the whole campaign again but some missions, can you share the files?
  10. Humble please do a proper fix for Forest Fires; br and rm spot as well as more balanced tib, I also think bm and br should get 4-8 boxes of blue tib, imho. Also expo for rm in FF is lil harder than lm, wont you say? However rm does get blue tib. Also some changes to tm also would be nice. And also these edits that you have done for instance the Terrace fix and river runs revised, should be added to installer as 'Standards' replacing the stock glitchy version of those maps. Sorry off topic
  11. Was fun, really fun infact. would like new tourney as soon as this one ends/back to back
  12. Just read this, interesting thread, I just posted this earlier on board 105.0 any solutions for me?
  13. Okay, so I have not been playing because I have ADSL broadband, gives good speed but very shite ping like min 250ms+ and not consistent at all. Anyways, today I played after a long time in Xme and Humble's tourney on my LTE hotspot, speed is around 5-30mbps on LTE but ping is always consistent around 120ms, sometimes even 30-40ms so games are good. PROBLEM: is the lighting fast games etc, how can I play those? or any other type of games on TS for that matter? Also while I was sitting in one of the game rooms, the server auto-kicked me for some conn thing(can't remember what the error was)
  14. This is fkin awesome man, and my F8 key does not work so that works out even better
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