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Is RA 2 removed from C&C Ultimate Collection (Origin)?


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Hi, Origin store itself is dissapeared as EA is gonna replace it with another app.

No idea how to download C&C The Ultimate Collection since I can't seem to find it in the new EA's web page, so weird things are happening.

Also I've read EA may be sold to Amazon, not sure if it's just a rumor or it's for real.

AFAIK, Ra2 was always included in the collection until the Origin store dissapeared.

I'll be aware for the latest news.

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Ok, I've installed the new EA desktop app and from the search menu there I can find The Ultimate Collection, but if someone who doesn't know about the EA app tries search for it on the web page like we did in Origin, they simply won't find it and the old links to Origin download for CNCTUC are broken.

I hope EA fix this soon.



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