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Another cheater


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Somehow, cagedheat managed to use cheats in my game, the most glaring of which was him making Prism Rhinos. Additionally, he kept mass-firing V3s and Dread missiles at targets under gaps yet never once did he ever send any Spy Planes. I couldn't capture them due to gaps, but later he also started using Boomers (going by sound effect and type of missile) even though Yuri/France were disabled. I could also hear him grinding Presidents under gaps at one point. If it were up to me, his teammates in that game, Rocker47, we345 and user ought to deserve some sort of punishment too for basically going along with it and not having the dignity to at least quit in protest. This game took place sometime earlier between 6:30 and 7PM Eastern.

Screenshot (2477).png

Screenshot (2478).png

Screenshot (2479).png

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On 10/23/2022 at 5:17 PM, XMaDTanKX aka T-90 said:

Thats the problem buddy, when you get that bull@%#! where other players get unfair advantage and later crash the game, you don't really enjoy.

You only want to kill them ? and not to play those players anymore by the less...

just a game , don't be serious.

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