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What are the chances that fog in Tiberian Sun will ever be fixed?


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Tiberian Sun is still a very playable game without fog, of course, but fog is a nice game mechanic that adds some good dynamics to the game. But it is well-known fact that fog tend to crash the game very often for many/most players.


So what are the chances that fog in Tiberian Sun will ever actually be fixed?




I actually ment to post this in the 'Repair Bay', my bad.

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Could you be more specific on what you mean when the game crashes with the fog on for some players?


Well, the game make calls outside known binary addresses?, and then it crashes, when fog of war is on. Here's what was actually said about it: ''That EIP falls outside the range of usable addresses.'' as an answer to my excerpt.txt. On PPM.




User 'Hippox77'.


It's buggy engine code, simply, as I understand it. A few might have some combination of hardware that doesn't trigger these crashes, but I haven't known a single newer PC that doesn't suffer these types of related crashes.


People that knows more about the engine will most likely know what I am talking about, I am sure. It is their opinion about it that I'd like to know about.


I guess that there might not be much/any interest from modders/coders to fix it (if it can be fixed), though, which is a shame since some of the units in Tiberian Sun is designed to be used with fog on.


I'll gladly provide more errors logs if somebody actually wish to try and fix it.


Simply disabling Direct Draw acceleration isn't something that fixes it. Or using WinXP, Win2000. That I do know for certian. I have tested that out before.

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