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What is causing this Reconnection Error, exactly?


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Usually recon error means that the 'simulations' of the game on everys player computer go out of sync because they are not identical.

I can happen because:

1.- Someone is cheating or using external programs to have advantage (map hack, fast build, unlimited money, etc) most common.

2.- Different essential game files in game folder (moded files, client out of date, etc)

3.- Mod maps (in this case make sure all players has the same version)

You should check these points before going further.

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On 11/14/2022 at 2:27 AM, ArabChuckNorris1 said:

If these are the reasons why recon errors happen, I wonder why there hasn't been a patch that fixes it once and for all. Maybe a way to make lobbies recon error free. 

Also, I noticed that at times, when someone goes low power, especially towards later of the game, the game recon errors.

Theres an infinite power cheat too, maybe is for that ^^

Anyway such things happening often should make you suspect, simply avoid those players/join other games

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