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Some questions about AI


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Am I annoying yet?

I'm at the 8th Soviet mission now so I've seen various kinds of missions already, I am concerned that the ai might not be behaving properly in my game.

It's the big land air & sea base building battles I'm most worried about, I play on normal and as far as I know the difficult only really affects individual unit strength.

In mission 8 (Elba Island) your base is under attack at the start and then the enemies run away, this seems normal.

1. I start bulding my base, no enemies attack for a long time, eventually civvies pop smoke on 2 places on the island but nothing else ever seems to happen.

2. Some attacks happen while building the base but eventually only infantry attacks and some groups just get "stuck" somewhere on the map.

3. Enemy vehicles only attacked like once, they usually just stay somewhere on the map just like infantry

4. Ships do the same, only when I sped up time to the max did they attack once after a long time.

5. The enemy base does not repair or rebuild destroyed structures, instead all of the cash seems to go to ever piling unit production.

When I sell all my buildings they appear to atleast attack again normally.

All of these things have (not) been happening over a period of time in which I could have completed the mission a dozen times, meaning that I intentionally did very little to test it out.

Most of these things apply to other maps as well. All of these things combined make the game very easy (so far), way easier then TDm so that's why I think something is wrong.

Could it be related to decades newer hardware and firmware? I downloaded the game and it's expansions from this website by the way.

I guess that my main question is; is this normal or is something wrong with my game?

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I did not play Ra1 yet but in CnC Remastered, the difficulty settings not only affects damage multipliers, it also does on how frequently they attack, and in hard mode they do it very often.

Maybe your issue is related to a bug in the game or simply a trigger not well made/placed, assuming you are talking about Ra1 (not remastered). Triggers are orders the game gives to the AI to take action, a trigger needs an event to happen like ''player has x unit/building'' or ''time elapsed since x'' and an action ''build x team and patrol x waypoint or attack x building'' for example. 

If the event is not given the trigger just won't trigger and won't cause an action by the AI sending a response team or whatever, but it can also happen for game bug or not very well coded lines in the game code.

Also there are some things like the AI not rebuilding that actually, are supposed to be like that in campaign modes, nothing new.

I don't really think it has something to do to our computers or OS being too new as long as the game runs on them with apparently no problems, if that were the case many other games would have problems, but they don't. I believe it's more likely some unnoticed/unfixed bug.

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