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Looking for 2 maps that used to be in CnCnet YR


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Both of them should be 8player, available under Unholy Alliance and possibly other modes.

One of them looked like Streets of Gold but larger and a lot more complex. I'll give a rough illustration and description.

Red boxes are highground, blue boxes are lowground. Black X's are player spawns, dark blue squiggles are water.

There were a LOT of buildings on this map including capturables of all or nearly-all kinds. There were also a number of campaign special buildings like parliaments and/or airforce academies. The lowground player spawns were in large parking lots with walls provided and water access.

I'll add more details if I think of them. Second map to follow.


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Definitely not it, but thanks for helping!

Some other info includes that it had a ton of crate spawns, tho I don't know if that was a map feature or a mode feature or a bug. There was also plenty of water for ships, and the islands with the neutral stuff made for multiple naval routes. I think the central highground bridges were the only land route across.

It is possible it was 4player tho, because the only spawns I'm 100% sure of are the lowground ones. But it was a BIG map so I'm inclined to think more.

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The long bridge in the middle reminded me of "Bridges Too Far":
posted image

This map has so many versions.
This one doesn't have MCVs in the middle, but maybe there are MCVs in other versions.
Does it look anything like it?

Another version:
posted image

No MCVs or a parliament building, but.. 8 players, long bridges, water around, 2 hospitals, capturables, high ground, low ground...

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