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vLCoLd06 the guy you beat in ladder that hasnt won a single game cause hes that bad


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So i used to make alot of maps that would be picked for ranked ladder maps when i used to play downloaded the map maker doesnt work everything is black havent won a single game and really feel like i should just give up everyone is telling me ohh hey no your ok ur not bad but they just want more bad players to win against i dont know about the dog cant eat engi thats so dumb i dont know whats going on but my opinion doesnt matter hwere would i go to get some help cause im not playing for fun games i play ranked like star craft 2 i want to be the best at everything i d oand now im just dog trash water so anyone got tips or anythign that i could use to benefit my play like if you want me to go to discord so other people can tell me how bad i am im not interested im just constantly losing eveery single game no matter hwat cause im trash and really frusterated so it was nice back in the day when alot of people played this but now its just all players that are veterans so i guess good luck in your games have fun guys i know there typos im mad and i thought this would be fun but its not so ;o4wr t3fi8ifhjuw3o;PTGF8UJH AT least can i make maps whats the best map maker now cause id like to contribute something cause obviously my skill is completely gone i dont know how i got so bad at this i used to be top 20 every month geeze its frusterating i literally cant win a game 


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if everythings black on the map editor it probably means that fa2 is looking in the wrong place for your ra2 folder. it could be a really old version of fa2 or set up wrong in that case.
anyways you can try fa2sp which is a heavily modified version of the OG fa2

or you can try world altering editor which is a more experimental but modernized complete remake of the map editor

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