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Map packs?


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i was wondering if there are any additional map packs i could find somewhere? 

i'm sure there are a ton of custom maps that aren't part of the cncnet installer.   i played online back in the day on the official servers. (ranked 89 at one point but not for long). now i had collected up to or over 1000 maps.  all kinds of broken maps.  maps with custom units.  scenario maps. 

even maps that basicly turned it into a diffrent game. like it's simulating zelda but with red alert units.  
and maps that are just way too overpowered. 
now i don't have these files anymore and recently got the pack on steam so i found cncnet because i wanted a better resolution to play at, and noticed i was missing unholy alliance for some reason. but i am loosing track. 


now i have seen some of these maps in the cncnet client. but ofcourse nowhere near as many as there have to be out there. 

so that's why i am asking.  are there any map packs out there available for download that have a ton of these special maps?  
and where could i find them?


and on a side note.  is there a community like this for starcraft aswel?  because the tower defence maps and spawn defence maps and such there.  would love to give those a go again aswel. 

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