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Land of 8 countries


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Hello people!


I am new here in this forum but I have been active in RA1 online some more time ago and I have been interested from Red Alert 1 very many years ago already. Now I am here to try by introducing myself and showing one my map here.


I like to think out and create something new whereever in computer it is and playing the computer games is one which gives me new ideas in my head. I have practised with several things and the most I like to make my own computer games. I have used Game Maker and modded games like Doom, Super Mario Bros., Worms Armageddon and Red Alert 1.


Here is my map which hopefully will be played by more people than just by me and by my some friend. :) This is a mission like scenario for skirmish and online games where your task is to take a middle island to probably win. If no allies then there probably can be only one successful winner and other big losers there because with more agressive players there are no place for more than one human in the mentioned island. So your target is not just to build a base and control your units fast like in most of silo maps but to consider with your money and excact thing for transporting yourself over the water and defending yourself until you are ready to attack. Who do it faster he win, others probably have no chance to stay exist which is tested! However, this also can be played with computers and being allies.


Download here!


Be careful, you build structures and train and build only units which each country really owns: No Tanya in soviet side or Missile Silo in allies side!


That is all for now. I hope you like this! :)

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« Reply #2.1 on: January 12, 2013, 05:06:16 PM »


That's clear! :)


Then now I attached. Check this out! :)


« Reply #2.2 on: September 20, 2013, 09:39:05 PM »


This file have been updated now. :) The changes are small but I think those are quite an useful. :) Below there are my more accurate description of this with list.

  • Although Aftermath units have been meant to be disabled on "Land of 8 countries" map those have been enabled now because in new "Red Alert 1 / Tiberian Dawn Online" application there eveyone can choose if the aftermath game is enabled or not.
  • Allied starting positions have been replaced with Soviet ones and conversely to avoid ingame crash because of Gap Generator placed on left and top corner of this map.
  • Modified this file so other rules will not change for this map but the file is just smaller now.


My reason of the editing this file was my wish to offer my map to global Red Alert 1 maps list for this community and I hope that I will be accepted with this too. :) Please download my updated file by downloading attachment or on 4shared link that is given on first post of this topic. :)


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