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  1. Nice to see I am still here. :)
  2. Really beautiful maps out there so I even was going to play those. In addition because of one of those that I already could reach to play was not a megamap I thought it is going to be very easy game but no. It was also very intensive fight and fun. I really liked that there was no special rules but just that it was very thought out. Especially I like that my allies was not going to be useless dumbs when I was successful enough amount of time because of silo and minerals everywhere between one and second side that allows to be successful only for one of them. Good work! You really are able to create fun maps that also have a beautiful graphics. So after all I really can justify with it even P4 maps can be also more beautiful if bothering to build.
  3. The cause why ts-spawn.exe will cause just a single error message is actually wsock32.dll. It is tested! And yes you said that the big TS installer is out of date. When to read the description of the mentioned file then this is some kind of patch. So sounds also logical. This just does not fit with CnCNet5 somehow.
  4. I can say I participate because I create a stuff about Blue group and actually I have a basics about this several years ago... When I have enough missions and maps on my collection one day then of course it also should be placed on one separate Red Alert game. Team Alju5 that exist in most of my games, stories and videos is the main enemy for the players in Alju5 game and also have been so even in Red Alert skirmish and online games as a special force. Here is one example from another application and here is my the second example directly from Red Alert 1. Oh and more, talking directly about Red Alert you also can fight against this Blue group here although in this game you are in this age already where it's commander have been gained what he likes from Red Alert several times already. I also would like if you apply this Blue Group separately in your own projects if you for example want to make your projects more colorful because of more houses(countries)... You can allocate Blue Group from Greece with extra blue color that also can be set for the AI. However, indirectly this group exist also in another games and mods by me. Wait for more!
  5. Okay, this looks much better ingame. Although I am not sure is this a solution if 2 buildings must be captured in mission. But thank you! At least I think I have an idea now how to jab those triggers clever enough to get closer.
  6. Yes, it is... But anyways, thank you for your attention, time and answers. :roll: Now I think I have still sense to try.
  7. Yea, the most important for me was that I can be sure is this possible or not to know have I even sense to depend my time on it but if you can give me more help then it would be appreciated by me. :roll: Thank you!
  8. I also think that if I use Multi5 and Ukraine to remind like one country on map then the problem may-be still that the orange will not rebuild the structures. Or if I use separate structures for the buildings that must be captured then who knows which of those 2 similar must be captured. Am I right?
  9. This means basically that my idea is impossible to make real? For example if the player need to capture from Ukraine...
  10. I want to create a mission where the task is to capture enemy Construction Yard(CY) and War Factory(WF) and to quarantee those buildings safety then by destroying all enemy units and structures. I know there are regular Red Alert missions where the task is to capture and to destroy all enemy units and structures but I can sell, destroy or allow to destroy the structures that have been captured in that mission... I want that in my mission it would be required to keep and protect also the captured structures until the mission have been accomplished which means that destroying those would cause also mission failed. Here are more accurate description of this mission: Destroying or selling enemy or captured CY should cause mission failed immediately. Destroying or selling enemy or captured WF should be allowed if enemy CY still exist because the enemy should be able to rebuild the WF. However without enemy CY existing this also should cause mission failed. Then destroying all other enemy structures and units should cause mission accomplished but allowing the enemy to destroy all own units and structures before this should also cause mission failed. Is this mission possible to create? :roll:
  11. I have quite an important suggestion for this lobby now. This lobby is very good even for special games alone. So because of my connection have been very unstable in last days often I recommend that this lobby should work even in offline mode. There is no problems in skirmish games at all when I have had a connection problems if I have no other players with me but I just cannot start and set up my game without connection. So I am sure it would be very nice that the buttons will show, that I can use those and that I can see my username available in this lobby even without connection. :roll: For example if no connection there might be a message: "Unable to connect! Your session will continue now in offline mode!" What you think about it?
  12. Thank you! But I was reported that not everyone can see letters like "ä" or "ö" so I set the Encoding to UTF-8. And here is the update for my translation. ra1client-strings_Estonian.zip
  13. I have done a language for this lobby from my country. We are probably very little and unknown country on the huge world and next to huge Russia but also in this country there are some fans although unfortunately not that much of us... I want that the public application also have this and hope you'll take it. :roll: It surely makes your lobby more advanced. ra1client-strings_Estonian.zip
  14. This is really difficult mission. Although it is not so difficult to reach with time it is very difficult to save my vehicle in one piece. By the way, this mission is the easiest to pass in hard difficulty because of faster units.
  15. « Reply #6.1 on: April 06, 2013, 08:22:45 pm » I'm not sure! However, I think it also does not matter... If I want that also others can play my mission than only me. Both of your mentioned mistakes have been fixed and have been replaced in first topic attachment. Now I just have to test it again before next update. I hope you will return when I have done mission 2 in this file. :roll: « Reply #6.2 on: April 20, 2013, 04:40:55 pm » "Red Alert: Beginning of a new technology" have been updated. Please check out my the first message in this topic! « Reply #6.3 on: May 25, 2013, 08:18:59 pm » My third update of "Red Alert: Beginning of a new technology" have been released. As before you can find it on the first message in this topic which have been also modified again. « Reply #6.4 on: July 10, 2013, 08:12:12 pm » "Red Alert: Beginning of a new technology" have been updated once again. Please check out my updated attachment from my first post in this topic.
  16. Thank you! I think that now I also know why my mission crashes after that I accomplish it. Because it tries to open a new scenario. "OneTimeOnly=yes" fixed this! I'll check your mission out today after that I have fixed these 2 things which you have mentioned. However, I still cannot understand why I can read my mission if I have no "sc-" before my custom name in my custom mix. This mission have been accomplished by me with normal rules and this is not so difficult at all if you use your Ore Trucks to get attention by the enemy base defences and attack while enemy base defences attack your Ore Trucks. You even don't need to lose your Ore Trucks.
  17. In my computer my custom mission works correctly except after I write a name on score table because then Red Alert crashes. But I surely plan to fix also this problem. Needs an update. Do you want to say that the game is not working for you? Do you have the latest version of RA?
  18. "Red Alert: Beginning of a new technology" have been updated once again and it is possible to play 4 missions in total now. Who don't know yet then this campaign haven't been meant to be so special if considering all kind of reinforcements, timers, animations and functions in it but more like an offline skirmish mode where the rules are the same as in Skirmish and Online menu. Only thing is that your opponent is a "little bit" different. My AI player is trying to be me offline who tries to play like me as much as possible. He will build all kind of structures and units in limit of technology level because of couple structures being captured and have also some not buildable or trainable units because of selling and collected crates. In addition, he will give an experience to the end of the missions. You are getting tasks from a person who try to be a bullying top commander like Cyberbully or something like NODswe online who hates the "noobs" or people who may-be reminds like "noobs" if considering its commander attitude. He just will not use that much bad language and this makes him remind also the commander more like from regular Red Alert 1 missions. Mission 4 have 1 more leader who is spy hiding in his base. However, mission is to destroy all like in skirmish as always. To play against me offline download my mix file and place it in main Red Alert 1 folder! sc-alleygame1.mix
  19. I know already which may-be would be a solution for MCV teamtypes. I thought if I force also computer players to harvest from secret middle island then the money would be quaranteed for them and insufficient funds would not be the problem for my computer players anymore if it will not be too hard for human player then. However, speaking about the Gaps I even have thought about setting those functioning to 0 and surely it would be solution for the allies but surely not for the opponents. If I would be able to set GapRadius for the allies and opponents with a different number then it would be nice but I guess this is also not possible, so... I also tried how would be to drag Gap Generator that will cause crash more in the map but I even cannot hide all the base then so I even don't plan to modify my bases. Still, I finally thought that I still cannot quit yet. May-be, I can agree with game crash because my mission will not crash with older version of Red Alert when running in Windows 98/Windows Me compatibility mode. And my problem can be fixed in future when your team here update Red Alert once again. :roll: Anyways, I am sure this must be possible to fix if I am able to run my mission without crash in older version of Red Alert. Or may-be it would be helpful to get all command codes from Rules.ini somewhere with the explanations what those are doing which may help me to get new ideas with the Gap Generators. Anyways, thank you for your participation with this discussion! :roll:
  20. Lots of those cover off the map but only one Gap Generator cause crash. This is tested! So I need to modify my bases again and only because Red Alert 1 does not allow. I rather try to create a new structure which is like Gap Generator but without function. I and my allies can use those so noone can understand those are fakes. However, I have not figured out how to do that.
  21. If Gap Generator is on left and up corner of the map with power facility together then the game will crash at the beginning of this map. But okay, I try to figure out may-be I am just weak with team types controlling yet. However, I need to be sure that the most of my problems are not because of Red Alert 1 bugs. Mentioned Gap problems is another problem which I still have to solve and this have nothing to do with team types or triggers.
  22. Yes, I have. With temporary existence it seemed to do nothing and with constant existence it crashed the game. I tried several things with global systems like "if building exist" or "if building not exist". If I also cannot create a new structure with GAP image to avoid custom mission crash then I even don't know is it reasonable to continue.
  23. Even if I use only "Create team..." trigger all units which have been created once keep creating again and so on. My computer player never can be successful on my map if he keeps building mcv over again and again. I also make happen that if I use "Autocreate Begins..." trigger then mcv will not keep building but it still create one more mcv before other units will be created. Is it possible to force computer to create only one mcv? MCV costs 2800 credits and my computer player don't need to build more than 1 mcv in certain situation. :roll:
  24. So I try to work with triggers now and this trigger system is working of course but my problem is that once I activate a team creation it just like will not stop anymore. :roll: In addiction, when Construction Yard have been destroyed my computer should build a new Mobile Construction Vechile. He create it and I can force my computer to recover the cy but still he build the mcv even if my triggers tells to stop doing that. It seems like I can destroy my trigger but not a team type creation. :roll: Is it really true? Is it even possible to force my computer to build some units only once in certain situations? :roll:
  25. Sad! Editing Red Alert have been felt me so limited several times. But thank you for your attention!
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