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Kaspersky AV finds a trojan on the MiniRA found at redalert1.com.


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Hello there.


I found the MiniRA version at redalert1.com and thought it was really cool given that it is supposed to have modern resolutions support so I downloaded it.


As I do with every thing I get from the internet I scanned the file, and RA95.exe apparently could potentially have some sort of trojan in it.



Also, the virustotal website gives 5/45 hits, saying ra95.exe could have a virus.



What´s the deal?



Thanks for reading.

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redalert1.com is still using an older version of the patch which is giving some false alerts :( The files are clean tho.. you dont need to worry about it


you can also try the new web-installer or check out portablera, the false alerts are already fixed in those







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Thanks there for the clarification.


I just downloaded PortableRA and the RA95.exe and Kaspersky still says it has some Trojan though, although I understand it wouldn´t really make sense for Iran to develop a more modern Red Alert and then just put a trojan in it.


It being flaged as Trojan Program Packed.win32.PePatched.dk isn't? Thats was it was for me.

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