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Issue with EA Origins C&C ultimate collection

Big Damo

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Hey guys, me and a mate have purchased the C&C ultimate collection through EA Origin, unfortunately you can't play RA2/YR over internet, it just disconnects you and you can't see anyone.


I've tried the CnCNet tool, but it doesn't work with the origin version of the game.


I tried the UDP patch to play over LAN, but it just says cannot join game because another player has the same serial # as you.


But we don't have the same serial numbers?


Help please :)

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To play on line the official way (XWIS) you need to register a forum and then game account at XWIS.


To play YR on line with CnCNet on The Ultimate Collection you need a non-encrypted executable, which would most likely be a No-CD patch.


To play on LAN or on line you need unique serial readable by the game. I'm unsure but it sounds like Origin installs the serials to the wrong registry entries and thus the games doesn't read them.

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